A 20 Peso Photo from Great Image Plus Their New Promo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I love my Mom! I'm sure you do too!

Well here's the thing, I'm sure you've heard of the photo studio called Great Image. It's the one usually seen in malls and big establishments and I've tried their services a couple of months ago for my Mom too. They recently launched a promo that hastens to make your relationship with your Mom even better. They're also throwing in a huge amount of cash to make that treat with your Mommy grander. Here's how you can join!

Step 1: Go online first then register on this website www.greatimage.com.ph/meetmynanay. You'll be sent an email about this promo so make sure to use your correct email address. 

Step 2: Please print a copy of the email then visit any Great Image studio. You will get a complete portrait session, a 3R photo with it's soft copy. You only have to pay 20 pesos! This isn't a joke!

Step 3: Take your phone and take a shot of your 3R photo which you printed out on Step 2. Upload the photo on Great Image's Facebook page and share your Mom’s story. Tip: Start with telling the story of how great your Mom is!

Step 4: Tag the official Instagram account of Great Image at @greatimageph and use the hashtag ‪#‎MeetMyNanay. After posting, you will get the chance to win these prizes:

THE GRAND PRIZE - Php 10,000 plus Great Image Gift Certificates worth Php 3,000

2ND Prize - Php 5,000 plus Great Image Gift Certificates worth Php 2,000

3RD Prize - Php 3,000 plus Great Image Gift Certificates worth Php 1,000

Plust 7 CONSOLATION Prizes to win Great Image Gift Certificates worth Php 500.00

So go head on to that website and start shooting and sharing your Mom's story so you could win these prizes! I might try it too probably this weekend!


For more information about their services:
Great Image
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Visit their official website


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