Julie Anne San Jose's Birthday at DREAMPLAY

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It was just a few days ago when we watched her danced the hell out of KIA Theater during the IN CONTROL concert. Julie Ann San Jose wished to spend a day with kids from Virlanie Foundation, who caters to street kids from Manila. DREAMPLAY in City of Dreams Manila has been so nice to actually sponsor these kids so that they would be able experience the place. They wanted these kids to see for themselves how great Dreamworks has made this haven, mostly sought for those who can afford. It was really nice there and Julie Anne made sure she was able to play with them as well.

I interviewed Julie Anne San Jose before they went down the play area. I also asked her about how I enjoyed her repertoir during the IN CONTROL concert. Here's what happened during her birthday party!

Happy happy birthday Julie Anne! You're definitely going places!


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