ASUS Celebrates 7 Days of Summer with Price Off on their Handsets

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My favorite Android phone brand ASUS is coming out with a huge sale as they celebrate with 1 Million Incredible Fans this season. This would come as good news to those who are looking for the perfect Zenfone to match their needs, as shocking as this may sound they're taking out a huge amount on their handsets and it couldn't even come at an opportune time.

The Zenfone Max has been my buddy for the recent Sinulog Festival and it has undoubtedly lasted days of no charging because it's battery life is unbelievable. I don't think any handset has even matched how convenient this is for people who have no time to charge their phones or spend a couple of days disconnected to a socket, bring this to a beach and never worry that you'll run out of juice for hours upon hours of fun under the sun! It was previously priced Php8,495, but now it's only Php 7,995! This has 5000mAh of batteries, so you can't really beat that. Isn't that great? but wait, there's more!

The performer, the great video maker that I'm using right now, is the Zenfone 2. There's a 5.5 inch version available now and it's pretty good that they made enhancements to it recently making it one of the most powerful handsets in this price point. I use it for Snapchat, Instagram, taking video interviews and it's easy as the memory is expandable. It was previously Php 12,995 but now they're taking a lot off and selling it only for Php 11,995!

This is one of the most affordable handsets with pretty amazing specifications, this is their Zenfone C and it only costs less than 4K. If your kids are looking for something that could withstand games, but you don't have the thousands to spare for a phone that will be abused by them, this would be perfect. Aside from that, if they might lose this phone and never recover it again, you won't be crying that much as it is a bit affordable. You can get them another one in a few months perhaps, it now costs Php 3,695 in the 7 days of summer promo from ASUS.

For the selfie lords and addicts, the Zenfone Selfie was made to make you look good in all angles. It's embedded beautification tool and powerful camera will get you those needed megapixels you need to make other people see what others can't see. I liked this particular phone when I tested it a couple of months back. I prefer the Zenfone 2 and the Zenfone Max though if you're talking about performance in all these models. To each his own of course!

Go to ASUS resellers nationwide and get those handsets now, remember, this isn't going to be forever that you're going to get these discounts. Take advantage of it, it's only for 7 days!


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