Rest, Good Food and Fun at Azalea Residences in Baguio City

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I think this is only my 5th time in Baguio City and I feel it's not the same when I don't stay in Azalea Residences. I've already figured out that this is my home when I'm here. The place is clean, secluded but still right in the middle of where the action is. This summer, I didn't really get to go out that much because of family matters, so when the opportunity to go here with blogger friends arrived, I pounced on it like a hungry tiger who's been on a diet for 8 years. 

I'm keen on actually relaxing this week so I could get that little rest and recreation that I've been longing for all summer. It's almost La Niña season as PAGASA predicts so I might as well do this without the torrential rains in the midst. It's still hot in Quezon City so I braved out sitting 6 hours so I could get fresh air and perhaps some good lovin in Baguio City. First off, I'd like to give kudos to the people maintaining the hotel as they've kept the place spick and span. The rooms must have been renovated, and the front desk offices must have been reconfigured because I could see a lot of new things when I went to check in. They've got Azalea Vacation Club too of which I've been told that you'll get a lifetime 50% off on room rates here and in Boracay. They also have free nights every year if you avail of it too. You may ask the people manning those tables if you're around the area. I think that needs a little research soon!

Then off we go to TRADISYON for lunch. I've been here before so I'm raring to have my fix of Filipino comfort food, and I think that's what we got!

The in house restaurant isn't that expensive too as most of the ala carte dishes are to share. We had Pork Binagoongan, a mix of Chorizo and Tripe, the lovely Pinakbet (which I loved!) plus freshly grilled stuffed squid. They clearly weren't joking about the Filipino comfort food part on their namesake. They also have buffet promos happening on weekdays and weekends so try to check their Facebook page for details on that. Then get your money's worth!

We gave ourselves a few hours of rest, then woke up to go to Cafe Yagam. The cafe is quite close to Azalea and is easily found on Google Maps. The establishment is known for their high altitude arabica coffee that's heavily demanded outside the country. If you're there for food, try the home grown Cordillera food they have on the menu. Then have the rice cakes and the famous coffee. I'm telling you, it's all worth the journey there.

I highly suggest you also ask about the rice cake with coconut cream as it is heavenly. They also have Pesto Sandwiches if you're up for something filling. You can also watch the whole community do this process of doing manual, quality assurance as they discard coffee beans that don't pass their standards. It was endearing to see them do this seriously as there are a lot of people, their families, that earn a living off of it. A visit to the place would also help the locals maintain something that would show part of their lives that could be greatly appreciated by tourists, local or otherwise. Then we prepared to shop since there's a UK night market near Burnham Park and Session Road, something I enjoyed most!

Here's a video I made of our day in Baguio. It was quite a remarkable trip to the north and I'm so glad I did it with blogger friends! I think we connected on different levels, it was lovely!

Here's our second day adventures at Bencab Museum

Day 3 includes a cafe, plus our Treetop Adventures in Camp John Hay!

Thank you so much to Azalea Residences for being my home in Baguio City. I couldn't tell you how much I enjoyed everything, I'll be uploading the interview I also did with the cafe owner very soon so stay tuned for that!

Update, we've got the owner of the cafe interviewed on this video. I learned a lot in those few minutes just talking to her!

Til the next Azalea Residences visit! :)


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