Born To Love You Stars Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fantasies are sometime made into reality. I know of some people who really want to be his/her idol and die a bit just like when I met Ely Buendia in the flesh. Well this isn't about Ely, its about a simple girl who wished to one day succeed in her craft and then in the long run make a movie with her idol. Who am I talking about?

Walking on the red carpet of Dolphy Theater on the ABSCBN grounds is Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto. I watched Angeline sing her heart out when BUDOY premiered a few months ago. She must have sung a ton of theme songs for these local shows. Her win in Star Power has definitely given her a lot of breaks and now she stars in her own movie. This is not an ordinary one because her dream guy Coco Martin is going to be her love interest in BORN TO LOVE YOU.

Angeline Quinto was really funny. Imagine right from the beginning when someone gave her flowers, she gave those flowers to Coco LOL.

I'm not really surprised this guy gets lots of shrieks from the girls and the gays there. He was really good looking. I think when I shot the runways of the last Philippine Fashion Week he was the most applauded guy there, aside from MELASON of course. Coco Martin had that charm women would want to find in a husband. He was so nice, he gladly obliged for photos.

This is a very new team up and they are pretty much aware of it. If it will work or not, that remains to be seen. But all signals seem to point to a successful one, how do we know? They have chemistry and believe it or not Angeline Quinto was hilarious! All along I thought it was all going to be VERY dramatic. 

The cast admitted that Angeline being new in this craft had to really adjust because she was like a robot in the beginning. She learned so fast in a couple of days because of the help of her co actors. Veterans like Mr. Albert Martinez and Ms. Malou De Guzman shared their expertise not to mention her partner on this movie Coco Martin who unquestionably is one of the greatest Indie Film actors of our era.

They also had pretty good words for each other

Hindi na ako tulad nuon na kamukha ko si Vandolph, this time sexy na ako, two piece kasi agad sa beach scene. Sobra sobra pasalamat ko dahil nasundan agad ng movie ang pagkapanalo ko sa contest.

-Angeline Quinto.

Sulit yung pagod, hirap ng location kasi maganda yung pelikula, sulit talaga, Angeline has so much potential. I really see a lot in her.

-Coco Martin

Born To Love You will be shown on theaters May 30, 2012. If you don't have anything planned on that day, please go to your favorite movie houses and watch it! This film stars Angeline Quinto, Coco Martin and a lot more. This is also directed by Jerome Pobocan. It's time to fall in love again!

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