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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I want my own HD TV! That's exactly what I got imprinted on my forehead when I visited the SKY ZONE facility at the posh Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. I had never seen channels so clear in my entire life! It was like everything was just next door and it was just a flat glass screen separating us. I didn't know we had this technology within out reach through SKY CABLE HD!

The thing is you can only experience this high definition cable TV viewing plus high speed broadband Internet through the SKYZONE Mall Blitz on May5-6, 19-20 at the Ground Floor South Court of the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. The afternoon simply just awed me about how fast the connection was; it makes my office's high bandwidth connection be put to shame.

Just look at the comparison!

Standard Definition Cable Connection had slight delays and it was really showing pixelated parts. Although it showed quite a decent thing on HD TV something was definitely missing. Shouldn't this be crisp and vivid?  The game was there, (Thank God for ESPN!) but the people and the whole venue seemed too blurry, I had so many reservations about what I've been watching at home. Shouldn't HD be clearer?

Lo and behold my questions just got answered by merely looking at the side of the SKY ZONE area. See how human he looks like? He doesn't even have those pixels I mentioned earlier. It was crisp as a potato chip fresh out of the oven. Even on an angle it still had that feeling. Maybe if I watched "the ring" that time Sadako might really come out! Haha! It was really LIFE LIKE!

Even my blogger friends tried out SKY Broadband facility had a grand time downloading/streaming movies in a couple of minutes! We blog heavy in photos and didn't see it lag on the Mac computers there. You've got to experience it all to tell the difference. Imagine 112 Mbps! Good thing they are even planning to have them brought to different malls soon!

I love that they also offer ESPN on HD via the ESPN HD channel. Imagine those sports programs all on HD TV quality while in the comforts of your own home. Best of all, you and I could get the SKYCable HD's Box installed with up to 85% off the regular price. If you check out the SKY ZONE mall blitz facility you can get first dibs on ESPN HD's sports programs and what they have to offer this season. I'm sure you would want to experience all those NBA Games, Football and Golf programs seen on HD... as if you were there!

Other than that, there are SKY Broadband packages made up to 112 Mbps. There is also a promo called BIGTIME CHOICES that's got perks! Free Digibox installation for non Sky Cable Members, Free upgrade to SKY Cable HD plus 3 months viewing of ESPN HD and free SKY Cable Season pass for the Manny Pacquiao - Timothy Bradley fight this coming June! Just imagine how much free stuff you'll already getting once you are subscribed through SKY Cable and SKY Broadband, Cable TV and Internet has never been better!

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