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Sunday, May 20, 2012

President for Philippine Operations Richard Teo discusses to online media what DELL is.

I arrived late because of the horrendous traffic in Eastwood City but that didn't dampen the spirits of online media that visited the DELL office in Quezon City. Honestly, I know so little about DELL other than it being one of the largest suppliers of computers here, in Europe and the Americas. Their President Richard Teo explained quite an amount of businesses that DELL is in today; maybe to get to know them a bit... I felt schooled afterwards.

One of the questions that popped into my mind was... Why in the world is the PRESIDENT of this corporation presenting to us? I mean, this could have been done by one of his managers or something right?

They laughed. Well my question made sense right? But they answered quite gamely and told me that it's always like this in DELL, even though he is President they try as much as possible to know each and everyone in the corporation on a personal level. He sits and eats the same way as the 1,600++ employees of DELL in the Philippines. This has been their approach since they set office in the Philippines. This to me is quite a remarkable thing to see as a practice in a multinational corporation. I haven't seen any corporation do this, its like breaking the whole structure.

DELL Philippines President Richard Teo and HR Director Donna Grande

President Richard Teo and Donna Grande HR Director of DELL Philippines simply said that this is one of the differences about the culture of DELL and other companies. Even though Richard Teo is the President, they are partners and work hand in hand in order to make every task get that same treatment whoever of whatever position they hold as employees of DELL. Richard even went on telling that he lives, eats and breathes the same thing as any employee. They also hold brown paper meets to ensure they get their point across when they say that they give importance to getting THE human potential. That's when I get their point. I'm sure just with this practice alone, they are the envy of most corporations I know.

DELL isn't just involved in manufacturing computer products. As a matter of fact they gained financial strength in the healthcare business too via the acquisition of Perot systems. I think this is what they call the Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions. Perot Systems is one of the largest providers of health inclined information technology services and business solutions that can also cater to a broad range of clients. This was one of the key areas they are into plus add to that the business process outsourcing leg of their corporation that's gotten quite BIG in the past few years. I wouldn't tell you the figures but you probably know how much the Philippines earned in this industry that's got it #1 status worldwide. With Customer service, POS, Customer Care, health care and corporate services as part of their portfolio, this would have no way to go but UP.


We got the chance to talk to some of the employees of DELL inside the Eastwood office. This husband and wife team originally came from India. The guy on the right had been in DELL for a couple of years and the wife just visited every now and then to take care of their kids, but seeing and experiencing the ambiance and work culture in the Philippines they both decided it was worth to be with the corporation.

She was originally from DELL India but seeing the opportunities inside the young Philippine office she fell in love with the place and its people. DELL knows how service oriented the culture of the Filipinos are. Even their employees find how warm and inviting this country is. They also use this advantage to most of their customer service oriented accounts. Case on point they know they've got some of the best in the industry.

Guy above has been with DELL for almost 9 years. He was a technical support person for a couple of years but DELL pretty much provided him with an environment convenient to growth. Even if you want to laterally transfer to an account which you feel you can do a better job in they will provide you with training and the arsenal to go where your heart wishes to be in. It's not only good to do business in DELL, its good to work there too.

No matter how young or physically challenged you are these guys attest that if you do a good job its not really an issue. They have been with DELL for years now and the things that they have done in the workplace are very says a lot with the excellence the company calls for. Professionals from DELL are world class and they even promote their employees to invite their friends to work in the same place. It promotes teamwork if you know who you work with and they have been successful in their own hiring processes.

DELL continues to grow as a corporation and as an entity who value people, work and excellence in products and services. I just witnessed this feat in this visit. The business is conducive with their employees, its the same with the business and the services they offer. The next time you look for a wholistic corporation that can work with you and still make it one of the greenest, efficient solution for operations; you might want to give DELL a call and get your business running the right way. Working technology and making it unleash the full human potential, this is what Michael Saul Dell believes in too. Thanks for letting us visit DELL!

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