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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have been hearing of this brand from foodies who frequent Taiwan and nearby countries. A visit to their country isn't complete if you don't pass by and get one of their signature concoctions so they say but we don't have to really spend thousands of dollars just to taste authentic lifestyle changing tea from the mountains of Taiwan... because a gantea is officially here in the Philippines!

I got the chance to take first servings of this awesome tea place at their Greenbelt 2 branch which I'm sure is going to be the first of many. The opening day was superb as celebrities from Team Askalz and the Philippine Volcanoes brought the needed man presence that evening. I thought I was part of the teams! LOL I immediately ordered a couple, and fell in love instantly. You should try these for they only cost 85-100 bucks! No joke!

The choices were GOOD! I particularly like the Milk Tea's on the menu. Fret not for the coffee drinkers because they have that too on the menu. You get a healthier alternative to coffee with these milk tea servings.

Ordering is a cinch too. You just line up and pay for it then they give you this gadget so you just wait on your seats, outside or on other stores nearby while they prepare your orders. It gets jumpacked there at night so its best to get there a little earlier. Seating is also provided al fresco, smoking areas are there too.

After a few minutes, I got my Milk Lid Mango Tea! It was sweet and tangy. You get that fruity fix even on tea concoctions like this. Pretty Yummy!

Since I already got my fix, I proceeded to the activity area because this is their launch. It was nice to see JAMICH was there. 

They've got a pretty good following over at Twitter and Youtube where they became sensations. It was pretty evident as their fans were also there screaming their lungs out. They were celebrating their anniversary coinciding with the A-gantea launch. They prepared a couple of song and dance numbers much to the delight of the crowd. A perfect pairing!

Presidential Sweetheart Ms. Grace Lee was also there to host the show. Pretty in person!

These guys were so game! The Askalz went on stage and started a game for the people who loved A-gantea. It was so nice of them to give this much time for their fans!

Then it was time for my idols the Philippine Volcanoes! I love these guys. Your dirty minds might think they are doing something bad on this shot, but don't worry this is a pair tea drinking contest. They finished the large tea in a couple of seconds! Congratulations to the winners!

The CEO of A-gantea from Taiwan was also there to thank the crowd and welcome the Philippines as the next to get this lifestyle tea brand from Taiwan. I'm sure the Filipinos will love this too!

Congratulations to the A-gantea Philippines! This is surely the start of something BIG!

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el toro bumingo said...

Members ba ng Azkals at Volcanoes yung mga machong yan? :)

KUMAGCOW said...

 The last 2 are Askalz, the one in the group shot is the Volcanoes :)

ZaiZai said...

kakauhaw naman to! sana may take home na azkals pagbumili :))