Leaving a Legacy: DJ Neil Armstrong for adidas Originals

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It was a very posh barbecue that afternoon, of course I didn't expect anything less when it's and adidas event. This is the first time I'm seeing one of the greatest artists this side of the world has ever produced, DJ Neil Armstrong.I suddenly thought I was in LA when I got to the Skye Lounge, W Building, Fort. With the throng of expats and similar species that afternoon, I felt this wasn't in the Philippines for sure.Local sports, fashion, lifestyle and music personalities were all there to shake it out to celebrate adidas Originals. The brand found it very important to give much attention to originality and individuality. I concur!

Awesome spinning from DJ Badkiss commenced and of course we did the next best thing, we partied and enjoyed the music! The crowd was gorgeous, best of all they were quite noted in their respective fields. There must have been some sort of qualification made to be in this crowd, one that would require to show what adidas Originals is all about. To "Leave a Legacy" of setting a trend and staying original is hard to do but that's what adidas stands for. 

The rain may have poured that night but that didn't dampen the spirit of those who chose to celebrate the occasion. 

He was clad in adidas Originals gear from head to foot. I thought he was going to be some weirdo off the house circuit but he was very down to Earth and very accommodating. He was quite a presence and you feel so easy around him. Quite a nice chap!

The lights came on and the music changed. It was time DJ Neil Armstrong made the speakers pound and start another party!

Yeap! The party just started! I just really admire the last few words he said when his set ended. He was so proud to be amongst us, best of all he was so proud to be Filipino! 

To get you more into the mood, adidas is introducing a way for you to leave a legacy of originality. They made a special Facebook application where you can simply upload a photo of yourself in your most original STREET STYLE. You can share this photo and ask all of your friends to vote for you. The top 10 images with the most votes will win 50,000 Philippine Pesos worth of adidas products, isn't that amazing?!

For those who want to join, simply visit their Facebook page HERE and check out how you can "Leave a Legacy" of your own. Visit http://www.facebook.com/adidasPhilippines for more details.

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SpendWell said...

the adidas store in megamall is currently closed. i wonder when is it going to operate again?