The End Is the Beginning Is the End ... For Lovely Lovi Poe

Monday, May 28, 2012

It looks like this is the last week of GMA Top rating drama Legacy and sure enough its whole cast is on the verge of tears for the entire season that it has been running. I'm not surprised but pretty emphatic to what Lovi Poe feels at this time. Her experience in the series has made her so in touch with her character "Natasha" saying that she will truly miss it. She might have been evil most of the times; but there's always a hint of goodness and cause to this role that pinoy's surely identify with. This is the thing that she will truly miss. She will also never forget to experience working with the powerhouse cast and the friends that she has made in LEGACY. For those who follow her on this program, don't fret because she'll have two more things lined up after this. A testament of the trust her home film studio has been giving her these past few years.

Lovi Poe will be making a couple more movies with Regal Films. You probably know that she has been doing a lot of movies from that outfit; we know she's truly blessed. She has probably taken this craft a notch higher with the experience she's getting from the veteran actors and actresses she's been able to work with. She is going to do GUNI GUNI. This is the directorial debut of Tara Illenberger, recipient of the best film award at the 35th International Festival of Independent Filmmakers held in Brussels, Belgium. This will have a horror/mystery/drama genre. Lovi Poe will also be paired with Benjamin Alves, who he is being groomed as the next leading man in GMA7. He's the new face this channel is banking on and I'm sure Lovi will help a LOT to this budding artist. The film also stars Empress Shuck,  James Blanco, Ria Garcia, Julia Clarete, Gerald Pesigan and Ms. Gina Alajar. Lovi plays the role of Mylene and is excited to come back with another horror flick after Aswang. This will surely be another exciting film!

Turning into drama, she will also be filming “The Bride And The Lover” opposite Jennylyn Mercado plus another Erik Matti masterpiece called “Tiktik, Aswang Chronicles” where she will be paired up with Dingdong Dantes. This will be their first time pairing on screen, she must be nervous. For those who are in Hong Kong, Lovi Poe will be there on June 9 for the Fun Freedom and Friendship Ballat the Hong Kong Shangrila Kowloon. This will be on June 10 to be in the “Tayo Na,Magsaya at Magkaisa” Fiesta event at the Hong Kong Chatter Garden.You guys should come and see her there!

Congratulations Lovi! Still blessed as ever! Thanks for CHILLING OUT with me! :)

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