OXYGEN™: Shocks Us With Colors This Season!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I have always lauded OXYGEN for staying on their palette which mostly comprise black, white, gray and blue hues. The blue in fact is the only non shady color I've seen of them through the years. The generation they are dressing up however never went out of the box because this thing they have is a whole other lifestyle. It pays homage to a non conventional line of clothes which OXYGEN is known for. They just turned heads this season because they've pretty much changed their outlook. We were surprised that this time, OXYGEN is about to change the way you look at their clothes. Fresh, Young and Vibrant... OXYGEN now has COLOR!


For starters, there's Terracotta. Peach. Some shades of it.

Now there are hints of gold, then mustard yellow. 

Styles don't actually suffer because they've got some of it on current ones that can be used on casual days of even mix and matched with office attire. You can also jazz it up and make things shorter for something that you can wear going out in the evening... for a date or dinner with friends.

This was the color palette we saw a few years ago (this part), can you see how it suddenly pops up bright ones like red, red-orange then pairs it up with their basics like blue and black? Pretty amazing!

I don't know what made them decide to suddenly have this on their collection but if this is the case, they are now gonna battle it out with other brands in the market. They stretched their wings and made sure they show the spunk OXYGEN is known for.


Cool and refreshing on the eyes, this must be taboo if you are an OXYGEN purist but what matters here is that you stretch your wardrobe's look and feel. OXYGEN is pushing their limits and I must say their execution is something to envy. Surely, this will fare good in the market if their selling point is STYLE. The color palette is changing but it would always be one thing in particular that you should look for in your outfit this coming season, OXYGEN CLOTHING has gone a long way in making sure you've got your look updated. Do the best thing and wear it with pride the next time you go out in town. Then thank them for it later on. Capisce?!

Congratulations on your collection this holiday 2012!

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