The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another blood lusting series is about to end and this season ender is truly going to be exciting as the Vampire Diaries bid goodbye on Tuesday, May 15 8PM. It will be shown on ETC and you'll surely enjoy every scene as love, relationships and death become doubly complicated... why? It's a life of a vampire after all!

 Just imagine the life of a Vampire, being chased by another Vampire because of the fact that they are not purely bred or mongrels in dog language just makes this even tougher. Stefan and Damon would need to deal with Klaus the original hybrid and if the chase and fight ensues between Vampires, expect a lot of bloodshed haha I just gotta say that haha. Killing one who started your bloodline in Vampire diaries would also entail the precedent Vampires to die so they might not like it if it turns out that Klaus is within their bloodline. What do they do?

Alaric who is now a full blooded Vampire will still try to kill all of them ala Castlevania. Elena, Aunt Jenna and Matt will make your relationships more complicated as they try to survive the complications of being with vampires.Who will she give her love to? Will it be Stefan or Damon?

Make sure you watch THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SEASON 3 FINALE on May 15, 2012. That's Tuesday at 8PM on ETC! Capisce?!


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el toro bumingo said...

I've been watching this TV series since season 1. Excited na rin ako sa Season Finale kasi they've been trying to kill Klaus since Season 1 ata. Medyo parang boring na yung mga recent episodes nila :(