SONY presents PREMIER A Collection: Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio and Xernan Orticio

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It was a night of SHOCK and AWE as the gates opened at the SMX Function Rooms 2 & 3 for the SONY PREMIER A Collection: featuring designers Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio and Xernan Orticio. It was the start of another epic evening as these individuals showcase their latest creations. Shall we start?!

Dimple Lim

FIP and CHS Manila Alumnus Dimple Lim made her presence felt on the runway with several pieces that were well made, detailed and definitely NOT afraid of color.

With gorgeous draping in several lengths and colors, it has definitely proved to be well worth the wait of onlookers. Dimple Lim surely knows a woman's body.

This year she experiments with prints and mix it with colors. She doesn't plan holding back and use warm tones even for this season. I even met her kid after the show. Too cute!

Jeffrey Rogador

This designer who hails from UST has definitely made a mark for himself in this show. He chooses to mixup tans, whites and silver. I particularly LOVE the transparent jackets he made. I just hope he has one in my size!

He definitely makes REALLY good tops. The pieces he showed this particular day showed how wearable they are. Combine the awesome tops with pants or shorts, you can dress up for a casual date or dinner in a jiffy. His aesthetic is quite cool. I also like the things he made for women.

I particularly like this shiny hoodie. Quite the attention grabber eh?! 

Odelon Simpao

Dressing quite the named and famed stars from GMA, Odelon Simpao surprises us with pieces that also makes the use of metals in its construction. Shades of Golds and Silver were evidently present in his part of the show. No wonder this guy from Xavier is making waves with his creations!

Sleek, sexy and cool, he makes the cold color choices do the deed. Imagine wearing this without the need for accessories. Isn't that neat?

The full gowns were equally impressive too. I wouldn't be surprised if this suddenly end up in Marian Rivera's closet pretty soon.

Roland Lirio

You don't know sequins if you haven't seen Roland Lirio's collection. He en-vibes entertainment of the eyes in his pieces. It was heavily creative. The beadwork/sequin art done on the dresses and gowns he made that evening was really WORKED ON quite profusely. You really see the effort in making one dress at a time.

I was most impressed with this one in particular!

Now that's HOT!

Xernan Orticio

I personally sent a tweet to this designer because of his BOLD move to gamble and produce just RED dresses for this evening. I know I was right when I told him that people will start to see RED differently now that he's executed a great concept like this! He was heavily talked about in social networking sites. The comments in particular were clamoring for a cult following next year. I'll let the photos do the talking.

It was an eye opener for me. Not just for me but the rest of the people there. Even after the show, my friends were still talking about it. I'm not surprised. Congratulations on that feat alone!

The RED ARMY just killed the audience. They left in a hurry!

Picturesque, Fabulous, Amazing collections wouldn't be that appealing without the proper gear to take photos with (sorry I ran out of superlatives!). Honestly, my DSLR weighs almost a ton an a half. For me to carry and lug that along the hallways of SMX Convention Center is really quite tiresome, not to mention unflattering. The part I'm loving in Philippine Fashion Week is that SONY is there too. They were not just there to show the Premiere A Collection; they were there to show the latest Compact Camera and Laptop Models from their line. I am actually in the look for one, thank God for these good people who got me to try out a SONY CYBERSHOT TX20 that evening!



Models just made everything EXTRA FASHIONABLE by holding SONY VAIO Laptops on the runway.

I call this particular shot above: 

"Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman; Behind a Successful Show is A SONY!" 

Here are more shots!

 John Michael Bueno - Sony Cybershot TX20.
 "ONE FOOT Ahead: Sony Vaio T Series"

.John Michael Bueno - Sony Cybershot TX20

"Faster; Sony VAIO"

John Michael Bueno - Sony Cybershot TX20

"Ready for My Shot"

John Michael Bueno - Sony Cybershot TX20


John Michael Bueno Sony Cybershot TX20

"Vantage Point"

SONY VAIO Laptops have transcended to be just a thing to use in the office or work at home. This has got to be one of the best things in the planet to reinvent your usual repertoire; simply by making it extra fashionable with SONY VAIO. 

The Photos above are shot by this awesome camera here!


THE Sony Cybershot TX20 (Image from Store.Sony.Com)

This gorgeous thing is Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof, would you believe that?! It's got 16.2-megapixels up it sleeves. Plus it can take 1080/60i Full HD video. It also packs a punch with its convenient 3.0" touch screen for easier operation. I also love the fact that it confirms every time you need to delete something. Now that's convenience I've never seen in other compact cameras!

For what it's worth, I'm inkling to probably get this pretty soon and use it instead of my huge cameras. It's got a decent price point, powerful specs for the VAIO and an edgy overall look for the camera. I'm dying to have more of this soon. It's like a whole lifestyle change which SONY has definitely been also proud of. Congratulations to the designers who have once again changed the landscape of Philippine Fashion through this show. I'll expect more of you and SONY on the runway. 

Shall we say Au revoir mon ami! See you on the next show!

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