Loving Lovi Poe!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She's a breath of fresh air, she's Good, Bad, Lovely, Evil. She can be anything you want her to be on the screen... Simply put it, she's Lovi Poe...

I've been seeing her on screen for the longest time. Born Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe, she's the daughter of the one and only king of Philippine movies. Who am I not to admire her golden complexion; or effortless beauty? In fact, she might not even know it nor am claiming to be sexy; but she just naturally is. Good thing I got to sit down and talk to her a couple of days ago. I was a happy boy.

She had that happy demeanor. She talks so softly yet gets her point across. I had to remember she's actually playing the role of Natasha too in the GMA7 top rater LEGACY. We asked her a couple of questions about that, she gladly obliged.

When asked about the series, she says she was a little sad that it was about to end. 6 Months was a long season but it really felt like it was yesterday for her. She was so glad though that she was able to get close with some of the show's stars, particularly Heart Evangelista and Alessandra De Rossi. Although on some scenes you'll grin and watch them explode with the exchange of "EPIC" lines. Lovi Poe says she really have in some ways relate to Natasha because "Everybody in their right mind would want to be somebody who could talk and speak that way, she doesn't hold back!". She had 2 particular scenes in LEGACY that she can't forget, one was the exchange of lines she had with Alex's character and the other one is just about to happen, you should watch out for that because we're about to do the last shoot tomorrow (this was the day after this interview). She says that she will really miss the people she worked with on this project because they really worked so hard to make each episode worth watching. I agreed.

She is single but is optimistic that the time will come when she gets to love someone. She's learned a lot in the past but bares she can only give what she can. These days, she prefers to CHILL; that's her own term. She's got tons of work but plans to actually have a vacation after LEGACY. She feels so good and says her Dad would have been surely proud to see her success now. Don't fail to watch LEGACY on it's last few weeks, it'll surely be one heck of an ending she says. I heard she's also going to do a movie through Regal Films. It's a horror flick with Benjamin Alves, Empress Shuck, James Blanco, Gerald Pesigan, Ria Garcia, Neil Ryan Sese & Ms. Gina Alajar. It's starting title is GUNI GUNI. I'm sure just like legacy and her other films, this will be something worth while to watch! She's also endorsing a new line from cosmetic mogul SPLASH Corporation. Watch out for that soon!

It was so nice to see Lovi in a different light. She was a joy to talk to. Very candid. Very promising.Don't you just LOVE her more now that you know something about her? =)


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