Seeing the Edge of Light: Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashion Photography in the Philippines has evolved through the years. It doesn't just fall on concept alone these days; and you need to know what it takes to make your shots "above and beyond" of how you imagine it. You've gotta listen to those who are in the business and make your dream come alive. Somehow, I thought it was impossible in the Philippines but Masters Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas of Team Edge of Light proved me wrong.

I was able to attend their workshop a couple of years ago and I must say; it spelled the difference of identifying what my passion was. Fashion Photography was something I thought I was good at, but these guys at Edge of Light was just SICK!

As if there weren't too much Masters that afternoon, Lito Sy even dropped by! That was my first time seeing him. On the right (in Pink) is Niko Villegas who recently topped Mega Fashion Crew.

I just visited their workshop a couple of weeks ago for Fashion Photography and I immediately noticed how directly they were dealing with the budding photographers that afternoon. It was just like the time I was able to attend their workshop. They didn't stop at just theoretically teaching me what the whole business behind a photo shoot consists of. They make you do the legwork of actually shooting the model. You device a way to do the lighting and setup what you need together with world class models, make up artists and crew.

The equipment they have in house are also at par with the world's best. Some are also Phottix gears and caters to mostly any brand of camera. They've also got Lowerpro bags/other gears around for those who would want to get it for a couple of percent (20%-40%) off. Best of all, Sensei Xander and Boss Niko are Nikon Ambassadors. I love how some of their lenses feel on my cam, you can borrow stuff while at the workshop. Try out the lenses if you feel like it.

The set that day was futuristic, made of wood, tarp and fiberglass. Hair and Make Up was by Ms. Dionne Co; which I must say was equally awesome! She did a great job interpreting the concept and look for the model. Stylist Ashley Cayuca is unquestionably lethal; she's done prodigious stuff for local brands and this shoot was no exception.

These guys taught me more than just taking a great photo, they made me realize the need to learn how to think differently and deconstruct things so you know where your kind photography would go. I'm so blessed that I got the chance to attend their workshops. These guys shoot in New York for crying out loud; if that ain't enough reason to run after what  they offer at Edge of Light I don't know what will. I didn't shoot with the actual gear that they had on studio that afternoon but I've got some of my shots turn out great. Just imagine how it would be if I got to shoot there.

This shot I sniped only had one light on it. Now just imagine how you would experiment with about 6 or 7 more light sources, wind, other stuff and make your photo phenomenal. I suggest you do the next best thing and call Haikka for their next workshop schedules. I'm telling you it would really do wonders for your photography!

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