Joe Jonas Endorses Global Brand Bench/

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joe Jonas has got to be one of the most gorgeous guys you'll ever meet in your lifetime. Though he lives a couple of thousand miles away from the Philippines, he still reached his fan base here through several Disney Programs that set Filipinas hearts swoon for his thick brows, mesmerizing eyes and machismo he exudes. Guys, we've got to admit he's one hell of a HOT guy. I can just imagine my friends would probably chase after him, and why not for obvious reasons. It might have been impossible to get an A List Hollywood actor in our shores but since BENCH loves us so much... they brought Joe Jonas to the Philippines!

Believe it or not I even saw Mr. Ben Chan himself take care of this set and the venue. He made sure everyone was comfortable when we got in. Isn't that just amazing that the owner of the company himself is doing all of these?! I really admire his work ethic.

Raymond Gutierrez hosted the meet and greet to the delight of the audience. He was able to pull of a couple of games for the fans. That part is just so adorable.

Then when he came out... it was pandemonium!

He gladly sang a couple of songs for us. He was really a sweet chap. He made sure he took time to wave and say hi to his screaming fans that afternoon.

Joe Jonas is now the newest endorser of BENCH.His campaign would probably concentrate on the BENCH line of jeans and shirts which he truly adored when he got here. His style now is relaxed yet he makes it a point to still have his personality come out on each garment he wears when he's out on a gig. For this particular day he wore a "Have Fun In The Philippines" shirt, Bench Varsity Jacket and Bench OJ Pants. He was really good looking. No doubt, BENCH is definitely going to include him on future campaigns and this warm welcome from the management and the Filipinos would be something memorable for Joe Jonas. He's also went to Cebu for Mall tours and a couple of performances. He sang a couple of songs for us that evening to the delight of all the guys and girls there! I'm sure people will love him more now that he's in the best brand in the country! Welcome to the BENCH Family Joe Jonas!

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el toro bumingo said...

Matindi laban ng Bench at Penshoppe ah! Pabigatan ng Hollywood celebrity endorsements hehehe. So far, para sa 'kin, mas matitindi mga artistang nakukuha ng Penshoppe: Mario Maurer, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Trevino, Zac Efron, Ed Westwick. Wapak! :)

Katrina said...

Awesome photos. Thank you <3