The "Jay Park - New Breed" Experience!

Monday, May 07, 2012

I meet stars. That's given with Lifestyle bloggers like me. I seldom do think about how starstruck I become when I'm in the midst of them, more so if they are so talented enough that I become a fan. I genuinely feel happy too if I see them so nice even behind the cameras. 

He was no different. He's Jay Park!

Well, there was pandemonium around Eastwood City that evening to say the least. He's a charmer, good looking, sculptured physique, can sing and dance (I almost envied him haha) he's the total package so to speak and he's in the Philippines to promote his latest album called "New Breed"!

Album Cover for this Special Asian Edition Album courtesy of MCA
The album contains a CD and a DVD. They have come out with the tracks to be released here!

1. New Brees (Intro)
2. Know Your Name (Ft. Dok2)
3. Girl Friend
4. Up And Down (Ft. Dok2)
5. I Love You (Ft. Dynamic Duo)
6. Go
7. I Got Your Back
8. Star (Star)
9. Nolreowa (Come On Over)
10. Kkeonwa phone (Turn Off Your Phone)
11. Not without you (Acoustic ver.)
12. Aom&1llionaire (Ft. The Quiett, Dok2)
13. Enjoy The Show (Ft. The Quiett, Dok2)
14. Hook went (Wasted) (Ft. Bizzy)
15. Clap (Ft. Tiger JK,Tasha)

1. Know Your Name (Music Video)
2. Girl Friend (Music Video)
3. Star (Music Video)

It's one way of telling the world that he's back and he's making his mark in this industry. He was awesome on stage, he gave us a good show as you can see!

Honestly I'm not fond of Korean/KPOP tunes but he's definitely one that changed my mind. I even listened to his songs this morning and found around 4 that I could add to my personal playlist. I seldom update my songs and if he passed that, it'll surely be more on your turf... my standards are pretty high.The track Girl Friend is awesome; I get LSS even now.

His candid shots after the show looked better. Catched him off guard! :)

Best of all, I felt his sincerity when he talked to the fans. That's something you don't see everyday. He took time to talk to them even with the short time they get to spend with him. I surely hope he'll come back for more... maybe a full concert in Araneta or something. Wouldn't that be neat?

Jinri Park even hosted the show. That was neat! She's pretty no?

Thank you so much to MCA Universal for bringing Jay Park to the Philippines! Hope you guys loved the photos! I'm sure we're all mutually happy that he gets to touch base with the fans and start this tour with a bang! I hope you guys rush to your favorite record bars and get hold of his album NEW BREED from MCA Universal! You'll get your KPOP - R&B and Hiphop fix in no time!

For more information on where to get his album and more of his music

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MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines)



el toro bumingo said...

He's so skinny. Kita na ang ribs :)

yeon said...

jaypark is real star!

yeon said...

i respect jay park! very pure mind and kindly dude and variety talented! so dope!! and just shouting!! #iloveyou #jaypark! 

주재연 said...

#newbreed and #takeadeeperlook album is #dope! #박재범 is real fantastic entertainer. he just honest and wit guy and very warmly heart human. i fallin in #jaypark!

Jwalker Ces said...

#iloveyou #jaypark!