Miriam College Nuvali - Breaking Ground in the South!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Some of my friends and family finished in Miriam College in Quezon City. It was a nice morning to take part in something so big with this school. We got a glimpse of how it's like to be in this promising development down South. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Miriam College just broke ground in Nuvali. This coincides with the school's 85th Year in existence. With Nuvali's dedication to environmentally responsible living, it was something so right for the school to expand its wings inside a 15 hectare property. 

Ma. Rosario O. Lapus, Ph.D says Miriam College-Nuvali has been blessed with roots and wings. Their roots are still in Quezon City, together with everyone she wants to enjoin them on their flight to the south. They are so glad that they are expanding their wings in Nuvali.

 Miriam College - Nuvali will have the same Mission, Vision and academic standards as the Quezon City Campus. The communities in the south will surely benefit from this and the studies that they have made indicates the need for their unique kind of education. The unique kind of education? I have been hearing that since they started and tried to find out what it was. 

They gracefully thanked everyone who attended the occasion and also the Maryknoll Sisters who were there to witness the opening of the second campus. Judging from the actual alumnus present in the event, their distinct unique education was starting to become clear to me. They are all going through education offered on their school "The Marian Way". 

Fernando Zobel de Ayala was there as guest of honor; and surely this must be very important to Nuvali. He says he's very delighted to have Miriam College in Nuvali. He's looking forward to work with the school and both have a meaningful impact in the lives of Filipinos today. He knows how much the community would benefit from this school who's going to put up their second campus in an Ayala Property. With the studies Miram College has made in putting this up, he's sure this would be a welcome development and they are welcoming them with open arms. It was the right place and right time according to Mr. Ayala.

There was also an exhibit on the history of Miriam College. It was so nice to see how they have grown to be one of the best institutions in the country.

Aside from the Board of Trustees, the Maryknoll Sisters were present too. It was so nice to see them there.

Miriam College showed up with world class talent as their multi awarded choir provided music. It was so nice to see an all girl glee club. 

Signing is Dr. Rosario Lapus Miriam College President, Ana Margarita Dy head of Strategic Land Bank Management Group, Ancieto Bisnar Jr GM of Vesta Property Holdings Inc and members of the board of trustees.

Joaquin "Jun" Chipeco Jr. represented the local government seen here accepting the token of appreciation from Miriam College President Rosario Lapus.

At the venue, it was so nice to see that each of the departments in Miriam College was represented. They wrote letters to future students of Miriam College Nuvali. So heartwarming to see the one made by the kids!

Under the sweltering heat of the sun that afternoon, everybody was so happy to witness this momentous occasion. A mass was celebrated. It was the right thing to do, to start off the Marian way they are so proud of.

Miriam College will begin operations on 2014. It will be COED and will strive to have the architecture and design 50/50 on structures and open spaces + greens. Phase 1 of the project will cover basic education programs (preschool, Grades 1-2, 1st and 2nd Year High School; additional school levels will be opened up every succeeding year). Phase 2 (which will happen on the 5th year of operations) will include their higher education programs. They will still be concentrating on their forte which is Science, Math and Communication Arts. They will also be offering Marketing, New Media, Entrepreneurship, Design, International Studies, Gender Studies, Environmental Studies among others. They will also open night classes for Adult Learners, Out of School Youth which is quite similar to the program that they have in the Quezon City Campus (via Miriam Adult Education -  MAE) mostly for underprivileged people in the community.

It was so nice to see they have gone full circle. Miriam College is truly the epitome of TRUTH, JUSTICE, PEACE and INTEGRITY of CREATION. I know now what Miriam College stands for when they say they have a "Unique" kind of education, I just witnessed that first hand and I'm sure they will become a bulwark of what they stand for in the South.

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