Toni Gonzaga Endorses COKE ZERO

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fresh from her programs with ABS CBN, this television sweetheart has undoubtedly been quite the NEW MEDIA Queen of her generation. From stints of hosting, dancing, acting and her passion in singing, Toni Gonzaga has transcended what used to be called as an ordinary talent. Coca Cola probably have seen this potential and what good thing doesn't deserve another one right? Well it's just going to get better with this news!

A few days ago, she has been named as the official brand ambassador for COKE ZERO. Yes you guys heard that right! Toni Gonzaga was so proud and happy she was tapped by the brand as their newest endorser. 

Here are some shots from that afternoon!

Ms. Nicky Lee the Brand Manager of The Coca-Cola Export Corporation and RJ Ledesma the original Royal Tru Orange guy hosting the event!

Toni Gonzaga was so happy Coke Zero got her to endorse the product since she is definitely fond of drinking it. She also said that people should make wise choices, Coke Zero has ZERO SUGAR but the same COKE taste.

She says her tagline in the commercial "HAVE IT ALL" personifies the wish of not depriving yourself of the best things in life. You can have your taste of COKE ZERO and enjoy it with your favorite food items.

She candidly answered questions from Media and bloggers as well. She was really so thin in person. I wonder how she keeps herself healthy these days, she'd probably say COKE ZERO hehe :)

Pretty as a whistle. Congratulations Toni Gonzaga! You have made milestones in your career, this endorsement from Coke Zero is definitely something to be proud about. Capisce?!

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el toro bumingo said...

Kaya pala nung concert ni Lady Gaga comment cia ng comment. May upcoming product endorsement pala s'ya :)