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Saturday, May 05, 2012

I haven't been working out for the longest time and I'm seeing things are not going quite well in the weight department. It seems I am piling up some pounds that I do not evidently need because the last thin we want to hear from our friends is a tap on the shoulder telling us how big we've gotten since the last time we've seen them. It's like an unconscious effort to humiliate us from the public or just plain and simple insulting us with the word fat. Congratulations!

I belong to a demographic of people who they call obese in executive checkups and it's not a welcome sight for what its worth. Although I have tried countless times to seek psychological and clinical help, the diet regimens just wouldn't work. If it weren't for my Physical Therapist who got me into the program again I would have considered lap band surgery or procedures like it. There is something called a Bariatric Advantage and that's what I've been trying to muster up since last year. I saw the results with some of my friends and the difference was quite evident. Everyone knows how it works and in my opinion it does wonders. I wish it was easy to have it done in my neighborhood though.

I might get to think about this procedure again soon. In the meantime I'll try what my doctor told me the last time we met. If I can still work out and shed some more in the next few months then I'll do just that. It isn't the end of the world after all. I would probably be better off this way because surgery is really something major. I don't want to do it if I'll just change my mind later on. I know it's not a small thing because it is a major operation. Would you undergo the same procedure if you were in my case? I want to stay good looking. Let me hear your thoughts!


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ZaiZai said...

wag muna mag operation..kaya pa yan ng workout at diet! go! :))