Make It Or Break It: Down To Mars!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm not quite fond of KPOP music but I don't hate it don't get me wrong. I have seen groups try and fail miserably but I have seen something very promising a few days ago. Have you guys heard of Down To Mars?

For starters, Down To Mars is NOT a KPOP group. They are however something new, a new breed signifying a whole other genre called "INTERPOP" probably because they are half Filipino and half of an other Asian race. This was my first time to see them but have seen they've got quite a HUGE following. That alone got my attention. Why were they so interesting to these people? That I've got to find out.

You'd be deaf from their screams if you were there I'm tellin you! The host alone had to stop a couple of times to tell the audience to tone down a bit because we weren't hearing him anymore.

Good looking guys who can sing and dance quite well for their age. No wonder they've been hounded by their fans like that! For what its worth, I honestly see these guys are going places. I can tell that to you this early because they will literally be representing the Philippines in Korea a couple of months from now. The Korea Day together with other International performers will be their launch pad in that part of the world and I'm not surprised if they are going to get a lot of screams there as well. They are seriously combining these guys like its a waste of good looks if you put them in a group. GMA and Polyeast Records are gambling on this one but I think they've got a mighty gem in the rough. As far as performance goes, they delivered!

Plus they showed their single's official MTV! With Marian Rivera on the video too!

7 talented guys who also have the looks. Will the make it or break it? I don't know yet but it certainly looks VERY promising! Sorry for those who say they are "KPOP" because honestly they are not. It's like they are in their own genre. They've got their album already out in the market and you should look for the same name DOWN TO MARS on your favorite record bars. This is once again under POLYEAST Records. Try to make sure you get a copy and see what the difference is! Watch out for their shows in leading malls/establishments nationwide!

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