Starmobile Sale on Lazada!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

It looks like Starmobile is out with a huge sale on Lazada. It'll be running until the 26th of July so you better hurry if you're looking for a worthy, affordable phone that's got good specs.

Have you seen the Starmobile OCTA? It's an Octa Core with 2GB RAM and NFC technology. Originally, it was priced at Php 16,990 but they're taking 50% off of its price. Now it's only Php 8,490 and comes with a bluetooth speaker, mic and wireless charger. It's also got a 5inch full hd display so you're only going to see sharp photos and videos. The phone can multitask and take superb photos with its 18MP camera. 

If you're gearing towards a tougher battery life and Live Digital TV, you can opt for the Starmobile Knight. You can use the 13MP camera for photos and videos too, but remember that it's also a phone so it's convenient to carry around. It's priced Php 9,990, very affordable for its features. It's Quad Core with 2 GB RAM and has a 5.5 inch screen too, perfect for watching your favorite shows.

The Starmobile Turbo on the other hand is more affordable, maybe better for students and kids. It only costs Php 4,990 so you basically save a thousand bucks with this plus a free Monopod and Starmobile UNO B206 like the other phones. 

Use the code STARMOBILE too so you can get Php 2,000 off the Starmobile gadgets located here of course they have to be more than the amount so you can avail this. It will work only until August 20, so you've got plenty of days to spare. Tell me if you've got one already! :)

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