Kenneth Paul Cruz and James Wright's Birthday

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two good looking guys just had their birthdays celebrated at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High School in Quezon City. It was a hot afternoon but Kenneth Paul Cruz and James Wright didn't mind because they're doing something worthy today. Instead of getting gifts, these two prefer to give back to the community by donating a mini library for the school. Aside from that, they promised an afternoon of fun and entertainment as these two talented gentlemen danced and sang their hearts out to the teen highschool students of CGEAHS. 

Here are some excerpts of the event, just take a look at how much the students went wild when Kenneth and James went down the stage too!

Kenneth is going to have more projects with GMA, he says he'a going to surprise everyone when he appears in Healing Hearts later in the show. Healing Hearts is still showing on GMA so he's excited to see how people would react when he goes into the story. James Wright on the other hand is still doing singing engagements here and there, he's also still promoting his self titled album under GMA Records and it's still available in all major record bars and shops too. 

To end the event, they had the teachers and the principal of the school on stage as symbolic recipients of the mini library. They thanked everyone who made it possible especially Aquabest, Zagu, Happy Haus Donuts, Erase Placenta, Ace Paint and GMA Artist Center who all chipped in so they could give the kids prizes, and some food and beverages for the teachers. They also had spa services for the teachers after the show.

Happy happy birthday Kenneth and James! Stay blessed!

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