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Friday, July 17, 2015

Last night was a little stressful for me. I got trapped right in the middle of Ortigas because of Fake Friday aka second coming of carmageddon in Edsa. There were tons of commuters on the street and I couldn't even get a cab at that hour. I couldn't call people at home and force them to fetch me in the middle of all that crazy traffic. I was able to go home later on using UBER, had a fancy ride as well. When I was in the mall I didn't have that much cash with me and I don't really carry much on purpose for safety reasons. Good thing I had my phone around, it made things very easy.

UBER got me home in minutes, but when I was waiting in Shangrila, Megamall and Robinsons Galleria, I had time to shop and have dinner first so I wouldn't lose my mind. My phone is my life, just what the rest of you secretly declare when no one's around LOL. So when the need came to use my card, I was glad that I just had to wave my phone at any McDonalds branch in Megmall. It felt like some entity was taking care of me, and I got dinner by just tapping my phone in their Visa PayWave machine. Isn't that just convenient?

If you haven't heard of Charge 2 Phone, you're living under a rock. The technology seemed to have been in the Philippines since January. Smart and Sun Cellular just made it very convenient for us to live life by partnering with Citi Philippines and Voyager Solutions. You can apply for the Citi Rewards Card at or any Smart and Sun Business Center. It's EXCLUSIVE for us who are in these awesome networks. If you're already an existing postpaid subscriber, apply for a Freedom Plan with Smart so you can get this on stickered on your phone. Yes, it's NFC Technology!

There are also a lot of other things you can do with Charge2Phone if you're shopping. You can watch movies in Megaworld Lifestyle Malls plus a lot of other merchants that are in the pipeline real soon. Promising? That's not even the word to describe this, as it could totally change the purchasing and shopping landscape real soon.

You can restrict payments on your phone for a lower amount so if it gets lost, you won't have those unscrupulous people use it. You can also have it easily blocked when you need to by calling Citi's 24 hour hotline and Smart/Sun. You can still use the Citi Rewards Card though if you're planning to purchase more than that, now that's very convenient for online shopping too. For more details, please check out their website or This is Convenience Everywhere that you won't probably get from other networks. Don't say I didn't tell you about it!


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