Kathryn Bernardo Launches KathBernardo.com

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It was a sunny, clear afternoon when we got invited to Kathryn Bernardo's website launch. She arrived surprised with throngs of fans, supporters and fan club administrators already having sweets, cakes and candies that day and she's brought good news. Kathryn Bernardo is now the proud owner of http://www.KathBernardo.com. She says starting now, this will be her new venue so her fans would be able to get to know her, her dreams, her aspirations, and things that she haven't really posted on her other social media accounts. This will make it a bit more personal because she's asking her fans now to register on the site so she'd know the person behind pseudonyms. Aside from that, she'll also be posting behind the scene photos and videos from their hit show Pangako Sayo where she stars together with teen king Daniel Padilla.

Kathryn will also treat this as her diary so she could tell her most loved fans how she really feels in certain subjects, about love, perhaps relationships. She's also looking forward to reply to selected social media posts, one that would be a little surprise because she'll personally choose and search for them all throughout the web. She's very eager to do that. Aside from the personal stuff, you'll also get to see glimpses of her family, the people behind the camera and the countless supporters which she dedicates this to. She'll also share her favorite life hacks, like brownies in a mug, things to do at home and small things which she enjoys the most. 

She says "In this website, you'll see things behind the scenes, our kulitan moments, plus my Kathcakes. Every week I'll pick 5 questions that catches my attention and I'll answer them myself. I'll tell you my childhood dreams, answer random questions, you can ask me anything and I'll try and answer it. We'll also feature fans, I'll reply on the account too, like this week, I gave words of encouragement to a fan who was a little conscious of her cheeks. Then there's another boy who just loves me and I replied. If you want to suggest anything on the site, just let us know so we can try it out. This website is more personal, if you don't want to see me as an artist, this is where you can talk to me, see simple things, it's not like instagram that is too crowded. I will personally reply to you as much as I can.The website will also get very detailed stories, if you see parts of it on Instagram, you'll see the whole story on my site. I don't usually do that on Instagram but this time, you'll see more videos of me. The site will also be moderated so you're sure this will all be just pure good vibes. I know there will be people that would try to bash, but we're going to take care of that since we also have a moderator on the site. I don't want to use the term blogger, maybe just expect me to be more active here, daily updates... That I can try and promise. Maybe for now, we'll have the comment section open but perhaps soon we can try and put up a forum, but of course it's going to be controlled because it's going to be filled with positivity!

If you love Kathryn Bernardo, you'll love the new KathBernardo.com. Make sure you visit the website so you can fall in love with her again!


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