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Monday, July 20, 2015 team showing the ropes on how to navigate at the new website.

We've marveled at the craftsmanship of the people of Marikina. As a shoeholic, I've seen countless foot wear made by local craftsmen in the city and yes, they're probably some of the best in the world. The generations of families that are all based here perhaps made Marikina the shoe capital of the Philippines and with fervor, they're going to be dipping their hands into something new. Specifically, it's e-commerce and what countless possibilities it could provide to not just business owners, but to craftsmen and their families. They're going to improve lives and communities, how you say? It's with the help of LBC Express Inc.’s

Mayor Del De Guzman and the LBC The Shop's Team

Mayor Del De Guzman and Marikina based MASIDO Shoe Manufacturers

LBC Express Inc.’s partnered with MASIDO or Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office and the local government of Marikina City to launch the newest online shop Now, you'll be able to see 8 real deal Marikina based manufacturers here and it's all because they want the local shoe industry to flourish in the next few years. Getting the word out and maintain it in cyberspace would get exposure to a larger audience, an international one, isn't that a great idea?

MASIDO Technical Consultant Noel Box, Marikina City Councilor and Marikina Shoe Industry Development (MASID) Council Vice Chairman Mario de Leon and Marikina City Mayor and MASID Council Chairman Del de Guzman.

Mayor Del Deguzman and Marikina City Councilor Mario de Leon says "We are thankful for this collaboration with by LBC. Through them, not only we will be reintroduced internationally, but this will also help our industry. We will be with you every step of the way in moving your products forward. We are not just going to deliver shoes, but also smiles to your customers doorsteps." He also assures their partner manufacturers that they will be with them in this journey, that's something really reassuring.

Looks like these international quality shoes are now heading their way to Asian homes, soon the world. I've seen several to my liking which includes the ones made of genuine buffalo and cow leather, the classic Spanish era looking ones and some boots. This will probably grow in the coming months and years, plus with the world class facilities that LBC has to deliver these all in your homes, there's great promise that you're not only going to get great shoes but help Marikina go out there and be the shoe capital of the world!

Congratulations to all the manufacturer partners of! I can't wait to see those shoes on my doorstep soon!


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