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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I was a little sad that one of my favorite programs on ABSCBN Oh My G just ended but a little excited that this other show was starting. If you've followed Jana Agoncillo's adventures in Dream Dad, she's back in this original story again called Ningning set to conquer TV screens starting this week. It's about a little girl, her family, good things, values, and how she changes the lives of other characters while set in Palawan. She was a bit on the dark side when we saw her during the press conference and as we confirmed, she has been able to play a lot since most of the scenes are set on beaches in this side of the Philippines. Palawan is such a beautiful place and they'll also be talking in local languages on some instances so it becomes more authentic.

Together with Jana Agoncillo who plays Ningning Angeles is Beauty Gonzalez as Lovely Angeles (her mother), Ketchup Eusebio as Adonis "Dondon" Angeles (her father), Ms. Sylvia Sanchez as Pacita "Mamay" Angeles (her grandma). They will play pivotal roles and will all be there to raise Ningning as the story progress. Other cast members like Vandolph Quizon (who will play funny Otep), Nyoy Volante, Rommel Padilla (is the only contrabida this time), Mercedes Cabral, Pooh, John Steven de Guzman (who plays Mac-Mac), Nonie Buencamino, and Franco Daza (who plays Marvin) will all contribute to the story. 

I was a bit puzzled though just like the rest of the media that evening because they were not giving out too much details as to how the story will unfold but they want it that way precisely so people would learn to appreciate Jana's journey in the show. There was also an instance where Ketchup was being compared to Zanjoe Marudo but the Ningning star Jana Agoncillo cried as she was being forced to compare the two Dads, that part was adorable because she didn't want to answer that. Both guys are quite dear to her and Ketchup says he's actually mirroring Zanjoe for most of the scenes and how he treats Ningning because this is also the first time he's playing a father role.They bonded over playtime at the beach and the kid absolutely loves him because of that. San Vicente, Palawan is also picturesque especially if you're in the small hills, or outside the shore looking into this small town they call home.

Ningning is going to be shown starting July 27 (yesterday) at their Kapamilya Gold time slot. Make sure you watch it everyday if you're up to a feel good story. You'll love the look and feel of this show!


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