Philips x Nancy Lumen's Cookbook Launch

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We had a very wonderful time at Epicurious at Shangrila Mall in Edsa during the launch of renowned food writer and critic Ms. Nancy Lumen's cookbook called "Healthy Choices, Delicious Results: Easy Recipes". She partnered with international brand Philips so they could make quick, easy to prepare meals that are both delicious and healthy using state of the art Philips Kitchen Appliances. Now we know how dependable these devices are and they've been used widely in the US and other countries. The trusted brand gets on the plate and even improved the models of their products as compared with the ones they released in the past since the trend most often than not has verged into digital.


Exhibit A: Look at the Philips Air Fryer. This thing just dished out some of the crispiest, mouthwatering pork Lechon Kawali we have ever tasted. Thing is, they even made it healthier by using this device instead of deep frying the meat together with potato slices that turned into fries. We couldn't believe the flavorful pork cutlet turned into something like it by leaving it there seasoned well and out in just a few minutes. It's juicy, flavorful, not too salty, just right. I bet it's about 80 percent less fat we'll get with the fries too. Now if only people start using air fryers like these instead of lard or oil for pork or roasted chicken, we'd end up with really good food and stay healthy at the same time.

Crispy Air Fried Lechon Kawali anyone?

Ms. Nancy Lumen even showed us how Philips even made their air fryer even more awesome by having more detachable parts and a stainless top so you can never have one of those episodes where oil splatter is much of a problem, or perhaps cleaning it per ce. The first version only had a knob with it and this newer one has digital buttons on it that you can press either to cook at a preferred rate or have modes already exist for some of the more common dishes. Philips is definitely thinking of you... your comfort as consumers.


Well they didn't stop there. Philips also whipped up really good cucumber lemonade using their rockin and efficient juicer that not only gets the job done, it also takes your healthy food choices a step further. All the vegetables and ingredients they sliced up, they just inserted it into the product and poof! You've got healthy and flavorful drinks now! They also got first timers the chance to cook using the Philips digital pressure cooker. We all know some cuts of meats are pretty hard to cook and would require a LOT of time to soften by boiling. With the help of the digital pressure cooker, you don't have to second guess taking the cap off on the pot since everything's designed to work with time, plus the vents that are easy to manage when you need it, when you want it.  

Blitz mushrooms, add cream, water and butter for a hearty soup. Juice up lime/lemon, pass cucumbers on juicer and you'll have refreshing drinks for the whole family!

If you've got meat softened, take pasta, veggies and make a lot of parmesan cheese to make good bowl of ribbonettes. It's going to be good to get the kids to eat veggies too.

Philips Food Processor

Philips Food Processor Attachments

Cooking using the Philips Electric Pressure Cooker

There are more things, more possibilities that you can do when you own a Philips Kitchen appliance. Their brand actually doesn't really just develop and innovate products, they see to it that the feelings involved making that cup of coffee in the morning, that hearty meaty meal for lunch and those naturally sweet juiced veggies the whole day be felt, be thought of when you use each of these kitchen appliances. They call it "meaningful human experience" and not just designing just for design's sake. For them, it's those important human moments that matters most. 

This new cookbook entitled Healthy Choices Delicious Results: Easy Recipes by Nancy Lumen will be given away as a free gift for customers who purchase Php 5,000 worth of Philips Home Living products starting this coming August. You may refer to information indicated on the official website or the Philips Home Living Philippines Facebook Fan Page. They're also visiting some condominiums soon with news of trade ins for these gorgeous air fryers, you can get as much as 40% discount on some of them too so please make sure you've liked their Facebook page. Thank you so much to Philips, Ms. Nancy Lumen and the good people who put up this event, I really had fun!


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