A Brand New Spankin DUNKIN’

Thursday, January 09, 2020

You should see the new DUNKIN' store in Aurora Boulevard. It's a great new place to hang out with a more homey feel, warm, comfy chairs and a native wicker basket wall which they plan to do nationwide. There are plans to have 5 more very soon and it will happen during the first quarter.

Derek says "I love what they have done now to the store as they made it more at home, more Filipino compared to other stores worldwide. It draws you in, but still serves out the best coffee. I also love the Boston Creme, Bavarian and Strawberry Filled. I think soon they will only call it D na lang because they kept shortening it. I will have another show, an action project with Andrea Torres, watch out for that!"

Piolo adds "They also maximized the seating capacity. They also have design based on our roots, the iconic jeepney, the tarsier, pawikan, Mayon Volcano and even the classic Dunkin Donuts signs before they called it Dunkin today! I love the munchkins, and this store keeps evolving. I have a new film with Brillante Mendoza coming this year, and another one from Star Cinema coming soon. It is important to embrace change, it keeps you on your toes, do something new so your audience don't get bored. Just like this one, the spotlight is just here."

Dingdong says "For those who are in a hurry they have different cashiers now. One for take out, pwd/senior lane and the regular one. Now it is more welcoming, more warm because of the lighting. It feels to come home to a Dunkin branch because I have been here a lot of times since I only live a few streets away. They renovated it quite nice. I look forward to more memes made here, my projects include Descendants of the Sun which you will see very soon! Let's share more of Choco Honeydipped and Butternut and the Eclairs."

Make sure you visit these new 360 stores because it will be more hip, become a place to socialize and enjoy what you already are enjoying all these years. They have been here for 40 years, and they will keep growing!


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