Tuesday, January 14, 2020

We all look for variety and yes, the Vikings group is bring a whole lot of it on the table as it just opened a new branch of The ALLEY by VIKINGS at Bonifacio Global City. It stands a few strides away from the Adidas store specifically C1 Upper Ground Floor of Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. It gets inspiration from different street food lanes from different parts of the globe and yes, it looked so fancy when we were there a few months ago.

From Italian country style yards to Parisian cobblestone streets and American diners, they've pretty much did their homework doing the interiors of this joint. One begins to ask, where do I start?

Hegz is pretty much their drink station. From signature drinks to your usual fancy cocktails and juices, they've got it lined up at the bar and the side entry. Ask the kind gentleman behind the bar on what they could whip up for you because there's a lot to choose from. They also serve the usual drinks in this joint, no one is left behind!

Street Wok has a multitude of stir-fries. Covered in different Asian sauces, you can take your pick on various dishes. I suggest you get the Pad Thai and Shrimp but don't go overboard on the carbs, there are a lot more stalls to go to.

Lost and Pound felt a little or less, a Tex-Mex joint. You wouldn't run out of bar chows and yes, they've got pretty good wings. Go get a bottle of Tabasco so you can pump up the spice when you need to. I had a couple of rounds here. The Chicken Fajitas are not bad either.

I thought I was dreaming when I found that mound of Ilocos Bagnet at the Frituen Batsoy stall. If you like crunchy fried stuff and sisig, take time to have them chopped up, then cooked fresh as you order. You're bound to smell a little porky after but that's alright, it's gonna be worth it!

O'Sean Eleven is a play with words, but dang those baked oysters were gone in seconds. People who were just passing by suddenly stop and pickup stuff from this table because it's seafood heaven. They also have gumbo and seafood boils, all quite amazing to think they won't run out of it. That is the best part.

I ordered here thinking it would take a long time but no, they sear the meat a few minutes and serve it with a side of Asian pasta and a runny egg. I suggest you get the protein more, the soft parts are good, take in moderation of course! Steak a Minute didn't have much fatty slices, but ask away, they're pretty generous.

Buono is much like a carving station. They also have pasta and a couple of pizzas on the other side (New York Pizza). Time your meals well and you could get a hot one when they replenish the pizzas. I sat quite near so I got them fresh each time.

YATAI had an amazing spread! I love the part where the rolls were at. I liked the spicy ones which I dipped in Soy and Wasabi. They also have fresh tempura everytime so indulge in it.

The Antipasto Blvd had fresh salads, pickles, cheeses, hams and other deli proteins.  I didn't feel like getting healthy stuff that day but my seatmate had a lot of leaves on her plate, finished it in a few minutes. I guess she's on a diet LOL!

They had Ferino's Bibingka and Putobumbong on one of the stations. They also had a man going around with Taho and Dirty Ice Cream, I had about 3 cups of Taho with my dinner, so go figure why I gained 20 pounds during the holidays! LOL!

This is a sweet tooth's dream, their dessert station called Hunneycomb is probably named after that crunchy sugar dessert. I had a few blocks of it (you can find them in jars), I love how the caramel tasted a little burnt, I'd have a ton of that if I didn't have my sugar levels high. They also have lots of candies, ice cream and sorbet in the next station. Your kids would love this place, you will too!

Hao Chi in my books had the best crew (together with the Japanese chef earlier), they asked me what dumplings and buns I needed and they just asked me to wait a few minutes for it. I love the siu mai and the other stir fries they had on the other areas. They serve the dimsum hot, so be careful!

La Sap had your Filipino favorites. They make a mean Caldereta so make sure you make room for that. I would have had more if I didn't concentrate on the Bagnet earlier that evening LOL. I must be crazy.

For those who would like to try a place with a multitude of dishes like these, make sure you ready yourself with The ALLEY by VIKINGS at BGC. Call them for functions via 8-VIKINGS or 09171889488, 09189197888, 88057888 or 88059888. Rates go from Php 788 - Php 988 +5% Service Charge per person. They have kid rates for those 4ft and below. Price varies for Lunch, Dinner and wether it's a weekend or not.


Honestly I was overwhelmed when I dined here the first time, plan to go back this January for my sister's birthday. 

I'm sure there's more for me to discover!


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