Aiai, Kisses, McCoy and More for D'Ninang

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Wow! Regal Entertainment Inc is bringing out a new film called D'Ninang this January 22, and yes it stars Aiai Delas Alas, Kisses Delavin, McCoy De Leon, Angel Guardian, Kiray Celis, Lou Veloso and a lot more.

GB Sampedro says "It's the first salvo of Regal Films, I hope you get to see this. I was nervous because some of them are only working for the first time. We put them together and felt like playing while on the set. It was just too tight to finish this before Christmas hence the January playdate."

Kiray says "I am Lorena, a pretty funny girl who always have something to say.  I learned from my Mom who was a former thief, in malls (she kids). I had a scene where they had to cover my mouth but I had colds that day. Everything was coming out, I was trying not to sneeze. My Ninong Bayani always says he gives me more than gifts every Christmas, he gives prayers most of the time and he attributes all the success I get now from that. My advice to people, not all material things matter. Prayers do wondrous things!"

Angel says "I play Sol here, a thief, who follows Aiai's footsteps. She does things, a little boyish. I have very generous Ninongs when I was a kid and I really enjoyed shopping."

McCoy says "I will be a little epal, comedic in some way. I had to interact with Criminology students to do this and had to not commit crimes. I had yo be on set early, but I am thankful for the experience doing this."

Kisses says "I am so thankful for all of our supporters. We are now trending in The Philippines on Twitter. I am always righteous, longed for a mom but finally meet her in these circumstances. I experienced riding a jeep, hang from the bars at the end and I haven't experienced that."

Aiai "I hope you continue to tell people of our movie. This is very simple, fun, and we have tons of young stars who gave their all. I play the Ninang here, leader of thieves, but when I found Kisses here, I was challenged to change. It was funny, very chill, we didn't have to force it to be funny because the material already is. I didn't talk to criminals but I remember a Yaya I had who took a lot of things from me. Ninang plays a lot in a life of a child, you get to be the person responsible in case something happens to the parents. I had to give a lot during Christmas, but of course the memories are priceless."

It's a fun film with family in the core, funny and yes, it's got your favorite stars in it. Go watch it and have a good laugh! 


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