Myrtle Sarrosa for NOUVÉ Fragrances

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

This was launched last year and I guess they’re pretty much stepping up their game as they now have a new brand ambassador. 

Myrtle Sarrosa is the new girl for Nouvé. She says “I am very grateful for Nouvé, Miss Kris Aquino told me that the scent is important and being part of Nouvé now means I can smell good every day, differently. It makes me feel good, confident and ups your mood everytime. Only Nouvé keeps me fresh all day! Like now, I am wearing Amber, sometimes I use the Pearl variant. I am starting 2020 with a lot of blessings, I couldn’t disclose my projects in the next few months, but it’s a big one so there’s more to come! I am very happy about the three films with Regal, when this arrived I told myself I’ll help them introduce the brand throughout the country.”

Nicole Pamela Young-Chu VP for Business and International Sales says “Thank you to everyone who took time to come here and welcome Myrtle to Nouvé.”

Philip Young Chairman and CEO says “Your support is indeed overwhelming. Thank you for coming here. We see in Myrtle a dreamer, a simple person from Iloilo and she’s talented, beautiful, very intelligent. This is the image of Nouvé that we want to position.  Aside from the media campaign we are strengthening our distribution. Our food products are already in 40 countries and now we will have the Nouvé line in these countries, we are ready for export. We had a soft launch last year and we studied our market, we now know what to do. We looked for beauty and brains, we saw her following and we agreed it was Myrtle for the brand.

Philip Norman Young VP for Sales and Marketing “We are very happy to have Myrtle as our Ambassador. I use the Garnet scent and Topaz. We have scents named Garnet, Topaz, Turquoise, Aquamarine and Moonstone so we have different scent to use on other days, it’s very refreshing and not too strong, more citrusy and a little musky.”

Noreen Pearl Young-Ong VP for Finance says “We already are talking about a male endorser this coming year, hopefully soon. We are aggressive in media and we are very excited for Nouvé this year.”

Now that they’ve got their Philippine presence already set, they’re going to start distributing nationwide. They are currently available in SM groceries, SM Hypermart, large beauty shops, online in Lazada and in Shopee. All you have to do is try it out, I am currently using the Topaz and Moonstone, they’re pretty good for everyday use. 


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