Binondo Beauty Supply Launches MAGIC Protein Professional Line

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Rodney Palaginog with Malcolm Medina Chairman of Binondo Beauty Supply
and Ms. Anne Marie Cello. Also with them is Edz Santos (far left) the Marketing Manager for the brand and their ambassador Fanny Serrano

Binondo Beauty Supply has been in the beauty supply industry for a very long time. Salons in Manila usually get all their supplies here and their 27 distributors all across the country. They are also currently the exclusive supplier of Bluesky Gel Nail Polish and today is another momentous occasion to introduce a new product line called MAGIC Protein Professional Smoothing Solution.

Fanny Serrano went up on stage and welcomed everyone saying "Last night when I was here, it was so chaotic but we asked them to have you seated this way because of an important thing. Salon Owners and Salon Staff have been so hurt by the news that death happened to some people because of the treatments. The bad effects on customers and beauty workers have been evident and BBS knew about it. They got word that a new line of products from Brazil works, I tested this myself and talked to the owners who got me to try this. I am already 72 years old and I have nothing to do with my life other than tell you how it is. I had a lot of endorsements, but I only choose a few because I want to be good. This is the safest hair treatment, Magic Protein is here and you are going to witness ordinary people, skilled hair dressers who will try this in front before our fashion show that we prepared for you, a little collection I designed specifically for this occasion, I hope you will love it like I do.”

True enough, they even called someone from the audience to do the procedure which takes an hour. A little better than usual regimen that takes a long time to finish. The before and after shots was amazing, it showed how damaged their hairs were and the transformation was noticeable.

The Protein Package includes Clarifying Lotion, Protein Hair Treatment, Sulfate Free Shampoo and Moisture Protein Conditioner. This is for professional use only and costs Php 7,000 in their stores. This has 0.00% Formaldehyde so it won’t hurt your eyes, nose, throat and lungs. You now have a choice for customers, isn’t that good news?


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