Martin and Pops Two-Gether Again!

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Looks like they are back, Martin and Pops will be having a concert at the Theatre at Solaire on February 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2020. Finally the Concert King and Concert Queen are performing on stage and bring back the songs they used to sing in shows and Penthouse Live. People go crazy for that and hopefully, this will get you reminscing and see why they're the perfect pair to see at Solaire.

Pops says "No, we didn't have tension. I think we have surpassed that phase and we are now just enjoying our performances on stage. I was anxious and nervous during the first leg, but he made me at ease. Yes we are friends, all emotions, finally when, time heals all wounds. You really want to just better yourself, you never forget, but remember the good stuff and move on. It took a long time to be okay, like I said when you see your life I didn't mind my anger anymore. When I saw Santino, she was a sweet kid, it broke my heart. It changed my Outlook, everything had to change, and I am happy our Christmas was a great one. No matter what we go through in our lives, our music plays on. Nowadays we are not weird anymore. We don't discuss what we say or do before the show, it keeps us on our toes, we will be having several guests, perhaps try to fly in Kuya Robin. We will also have Rita Daniela and Ken Chan. Also the son of Yorme, Joaquin. Hopefully Ram too comes. I am more at home now, in the past I was filtered, checked, even my makeup. He doesn't comment anymore, we both matured even if we sing the same songs. We don't pretend, not playing with emotions anymore, we discovered we love performing together."

Martin says "If it's us, they still look for the 80's and 90's songs, love songs of their generation and ours. We had two legs, 8 cities for the first and 4 more for the second one. We did New York and Chicago the first time, of we were still together she would have been my manager. Nothing is forced on stage, working with Pops is automatic. They thought we blocked, and finish each others sentences. I follow her on IG, we know each other and see each other grow. For Pops, seeing her now, she is now a producer, as performer, I wanted to be part of her restart. She stood on her own, still have time to do all these businesses and the fans want to see us perform again. My job for this whole thing is bring her back on stage, we never discussed payment, she just gives and no question anymore. (He kids). The whole modern family happened, the kids and Pops were there. Women have the choice, women had the burden. Pops never badmouthed me, she really raised the kids well and they too did a good job. We will change a couple of songs in those dates, the banter will be there. We are very honest now, we even look away naturally when I sing the parts (when I make love to you). We owe it to the fans to keep this alive."

Save it for the show, you're bound to be so happy to see them. Tickets are available on Ticketworld 88919999. This is produced by Starmedia Entertainment and DSL Events and Production House. It is copresented by PLDT, Farlin Baby Products, Zim Cleanser, Nurture, Debt Aid Consulting International, Doin Thai, Asian Fusion Cuisine and other sponsors.


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