Daily Moo's 11072010

Sunday, November 07, 2010

So here I go blogging from my phone in a not so quaint hotel in Singapore. This isn't the posh place I hoped it would be. But its okay, and it does the deed.... I think there are more horror stories in other places. This is also in Orchard which is a MAJOR relief because its near everything. It's also right beside the Singapore Prime Minister's residence so in a not so fancy world he's my neighbor LOL!

But really to tell you honestly I want to go home already. I love traveling don't get me wrong but oh boy this is so tiring. Imagine a 12 hour day walk. Then you have to travel again all the way back to your hotel. Your foot becomes numb halfway and you wouldn't want to walk anymore. I wish there was a hovercraft we could ride anywhere but hey this walking thing is a culture for them I guess. I even walked a whole train station length because I went down too early. I could have gone to the next station instead. I just knew when I got there! Sheesh!

I've got lots of stories to tell and so little time. I'm so tired already so I've got to get some sleep since we're going again tomorrow. I don't know if I'm going to like this place but hey, its something different from the Philippines so its still a treat. I wonder if I'll have time to meet some bloggers here. Some nuffies or maybe some Filipino bloggers based in Singapore.

Going to post some photos once I get some time to post process them here. I brought my laptop but it seems a little weird that I have to pay a huge amount and stay in the lobby just to get connected. I want to wreak havoc in their wireless network as soon as I get out of here just for trips! Hahaha! XD

Please don't call me a racist, I just can't stand the smell of bumbays and bangladeshis... if you see them in beaches and in groups the smell is just TOXIC believe me! O_O Arrggggh!!

I miss my bed bigtime!



Xprosaic said...

Hahahahahahahha oh don't be sad sabi mo nga at least iba sa pinas kaya ok na rin yun..plus you can learn and discover their culture... it's already a treat! hehehehhe...way to go!

Jepoy said...

Susyal na may pag racist pa!

John Bueno said...

Thanks John Lloyd.. hehe

@Jepoy oy hinde ah... talagang diko lang trip amoy nila tol.. kahit under the sweltering heat of the sun tayo ng ilang oras di tayo ganun ang amoy... sabe ko nga di racist eh talagang di lang makaya hehe

mots said...

haha amoy halimaw o amoy kahapon?