GMA Artists Celebrate Birthdays at East Avenue Medical Center

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ina Feleo, Bettina Carlos, Ryza Cenon and Chynna Ortaleza
We went to the function hall of East Avenue Medical Center to celebrate the birthday of Ina Feleo, Bettina Carlos, Ryza Cenon and Chynna Ortaleza together with the children and adult cancer patients of the hospital a couple of weeks ago in Quezon City. We've been covering worthwhile events from them lately and this isn't any different. Ina Feleo, Bettina Carlos, Ryza Cenon and Chynna Ortaleza wanted to celebrate their birthdays in a very meaningful way and giving joy, a few things might just do that for the patients in EAMC.

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Starting the celebrations, we didn't know what would happen with such a big crowd. Together with the people from East Avenue, they started telling us stories of hope. Like this guy in the photo for instance, he's not just a very spirited professional violinist. Just like the patients in the venue, he too was a cancer patient. He went to the same things that these guys were also going through, the medicines, the confinement, the chemotherapy, he did all that and survived. It was inspiring how I've seen him so enthusiastic to perform for the patients who needed some image of hope, to see him do this was a statement that they too would be able to become someone soon. After they get better, they still have a ton of things to look forward to in life. I felt it that afternoon.

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Ina Feleo, Bettina Carlos, Ryza Cenon and Chynna Ortaleza also took time taking photos, playing games and giving away gifts from their sponsors so they could share what they have, no matter how big or small it is to these guys who are going through hardships now. Chynna Ortaleza and I share the same birthday and I was touched to hear from her how she advised them to never lose hope. I felt her sincerity, how she genuinely cared and how she wanted to spend time with them all that afternoon. Ryza Cenon too together with her fans packed gifts the day before so they could get each one of the patients something to take home after the event. Ina Feleo might have been scaring a lot of people on TV shows but I could feel she was happy to spend time with them too. Bettina Carlos' birthday was on the day we did this and she felt it was the perfect way to celebrate it, as much as doing it with her family. They are all going to have projects and more on GMA and movies this coming 2015, so make sure you do not miss the afternoon primetime shows on the Kapuso channel.

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They didn't miss giving the kids some toys too. GMA Artist Center also supplied pasta, drinks, ice cream and snacks to the crowd so they didn't go hungry.

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They also played with the kids via Trip to Jerusalem, Ina, Bettina and Ryza joined in while Chynna served as host.
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During the games, Ina Feleo really let loose. She enjoyed playing with the kids and her co stars.

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Chynna is seen here taking photos with some of the kids
 photo DSC_0038_zps6ea6acee.jpg
Bettina Carlos and Ina Feleo helped in giving away the gifts and food to the patients and their guardians

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It was a good way to spend their birthdays, actually it was my birthday month too. Thank you so much to GMA Artist Center for having us tag along this charity event with Ina Feleo, Bettina Carlos, Ryza Cenon and Chynna Ortaleza. Thank you also to their sponsors for chipping in to help a very worthy cause. These kids had fun, they'll have a full life because of the things these good people are doing in their own little way. Til the next one!


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