Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen

Thursday, January 29, 2015

We were at the launch of new Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen from BargnFarmaceuticPhils Co. at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City. Their gorgeous beauty ambassador Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez is now endorsing Bargn's own Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen that promises better collagen synthesis and reverses signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, stretch marks and sagging skin. It even gets your hair more healthy, isn't that amazing?

Being in the show business industry for many years, the lights, the sun hasn't been really too kind on her skin and Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez says she needs all the help she can get when it comes to keeping herself beautiful, gorgeous and young looking. She also stresses that it's not an excuse for Moms to pig out and not take care of their skin after giving birth, as they have lives to live - and being attractive to their partners would be something that shouldn't end after a marriage. With Lorin and Venice by her side, they give their frank observations and opinions without holding back, that includes if Ruffa would be okay to marry again or not. She's always conscious about how she looks because a lot of people also look up to her. She feels that it's her responsibility to be this way as an artist, and as an individual.

Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin

Nino Bautista and John Redentor Gatus Jr. were so happy to see the fruits of their labor - the products of years research and testing. They made sure they only use premium ingredients to create the best beauty products for the Philippine market and even go importing Japanese raw materials because they want you to sincerely have the skin that would make you stand out in the crowd, the power of collagen supplements that would make your skin healthy, beyond beautiful. Best of all, it doesn't take a genius to even take it. No syringes, no tablets, capsules, or something that would taste off when you mix it with drinks.

Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin

Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin

Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin

To prove it, they got Pineapple Juice, Mocha Frappuccino, Milk Shakes and everyday drinks in front and they mixed a teaspoon of the Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen. I got one of the Pineapple Juice glasses and tasted it, the thing was like Pineapple Juice still. Now that tells a lot, if it doesn't taste like icky medicine then you'll get the collagen requirements you need since it's got 20,000mg unlike others who only have  5,000mg on it. They're giving you your money's worth. Plus, it's only Php 120.00 and exclusively distributed in Watsons stores nationwide.

Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin

Ruffa even called Jun Lalin one day and told him that her coffee was a little too thick. Ruffa made the mistake of putting the whole contents of the bottle in one cup of coffee. You only need a little and mix it. She promises in 6 months, you'll see your skin glowing, way better, smoother, hair and nail got stronger. She's okay with Mommy roles but she's not okay looking haggard and wrinkly. Other press people tried it too while we were there and they find it very nice. Even diabetics tried it, without any problems. It doesn't sacrifice the taste of the beverage when you take it regularly.

Ruffa says "I really love how they took time to think about the packaging too because it looks so pretty in pink, consequently it's also my favorite color. You'll see results in 6 days, but in ads they say it's 4 weeks. Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen can be taken by those who are also older, those of whom have lost a lot of it already. It's a natural way of doing things. I always have a lot of energy but some days you get a little tired, it's important to take care of yourself and collagen is really important. It's unlike small ready to drink bottles that have sugar content on them and isn't quite effective. Even the competition that have it in sachets only have 5,000mg so you don't get the full effect. It really works and I've tried it with their other products, I love their vitamin C, the soaps, shower gels, I really use their products because it's very good. I'm so happy to say we've got 3rd season of "It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez". I'm going to launch Lovapalooza in March for a childrens line, including tweens for Lauren and Venice, plus baby boys for Zion. For me now, what's really important is we have to source more things outside of our regular jobs. Our show has opened up a ton of opportunities for me. We're Asians and we're very conservative. We even have to think of other Asian countries if we're wearing dresses because we have a big market. Mom and I don't have to fight in order to rate, Mom is even toned down already. Still, there's more exciting things happening in the near future. Including my renewal of contract with Cosmo Skin in the coming months. That, I'm really thankful for!

Again, this product is available in all Watsons stores nationwide. You can even get it in their branches in SM Malls so there's no excuse to NOT take care of yourself. I'm going to try it now and have it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hopefully I'll look younger in just a few weeks! 


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