How to be Smart During Pope Francis' Visit

Friday, January 16, 2015

It was a sight to behold when Pope Francis arrived in the Philippines. From the moment the plane landed, to the short peek at the plane's window, to the cute wind that blew his cap and the kids dancing on the airbase and the fast Pope Mobile bringing him into the Papal Nunciature (or if Noli can actually pronounce that). Filipinos, young and old all lined up the streets to see Lolo Kiko in the flesh without any hitches, and all we need to do in the coming days is to be extra ready when it comes to ourselves, our gadgets and emergencies. Crowds like these definitely calls for it.    


If it's okay not to bring kids to the occasion, try not to. A crowd would be a nightmare if you don't have enough people to take care of the kids. I got lost in a shopping mall once, it was just good that I was trained quite at an early age to look for guards or police in case I did get lost. It was scary for me back then so imagine how it would feel for your kids today. I don't want to scare you. If you are still going, make sure you have enough medicine, emergency kits, bring ID for everyone, enough water and food if you are planning to stay in the lines a long time. Plan ahead and look for comfort rooms, parking and again, don't lose the kids.

Charge your mobile phones

Do not go out of your house without charging your gadgets, phones, power banks and make sure it'll last you the whole day. Turn off data or put it on Airplane Mode if not needed. Use it when necessary, like meeting people, telling your location, calling or texting people you're with so they too get updated. 

Download Useful Apps and Maps

If you haven't used WAZE, now is the right time to do so. It can get you to the places faster, better, and you can save locations too. You can also download Google Maps for obvious reasons, then make some of it available offline so that when the time comes you lose internet, you don't have to worry. You can download the Waze app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store for FREE if you are a Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular subscriber. Some Apps like Waze as well as a couple of websites can be used for free with Smart's EXTENDED Free Internet promo. All you gotta do is text FREE to 9999. You can also text DEARPOPE to the same number and have FREE Twitter service from January 15-19, 2015. Isn't that amazing?

If you're a more safety freak, you can download the Batingaw App which turns your mobile device into a flashlight, siren, compass and radio. It's free on Google Play and Apple App store. Your friends or relatives can also receive “I am safe” messages as it's one of the app's feature that you can enable with one tap on your phone.Else, you can enable the Smart Person Finder if you want to make sure to locate friends or relatives. It's available for Smart and Talk ‘N Text (TNT) subscribers but in order to use it, the person you want to locate must first allow you to locate him/her.  To ask permission, text FIND and send to 386.  They'll get your request for authorization and once you get it, just text FIND  to get their location. You must never use this on cheating boyfriends though. LOL! Oh and remember to put people on your speed dial, it helps!

Oh and it's still a few days to enjoy the company of Lolo Kiko aka Pope Francis. Head on to while you're at it and make him a postcard will you? Tweet as well and use the hashtag #DearPopeFrancis and be part of the once in a lifetime Papal Visit. Hopefully more! 


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