Robin and Rommel Padilla, Bb Gandanghari Stars in 2 1/2 Daddies

Friday, January 30, 2015

Robin Padilla, Bb Gandanghari and Rommel Padilla stars in 2 1/2 Daddies

They've just made a dream come true. Robin Padilla, Bb. Gandanghari and Rommel Padilla just started a show on TV5 called "2 1/2 Daddies". It premiered last January 24 and I've seen a lot of people loved it. The chemistry was unquestionable as these brothers (and sister!) got to work again on a TV show after their stint in Mistah which starred much of the Padilla clan. The premise, they've all got a little baby in the house (a foundling) and they've got to take good care of her. With Robin (who plays the tough guy), Rommel (who plays the role of a smooth talking "the ladies man") and Bb (who's the lone trans woman), this would definitely be a very difficult place to start a family.


Robin Padilla says "This is one of the things we thought about when the Bb Gandanghari came out. Will this be a blessing? or is this just a fad? This is why Bb has so much responsibility, to show in the sitcom what reality is. LGBT exists, and it's a community. With her actions, I don't find anything wrong. We're wondering how her waistline looks really, because we find it too small. In one sequence, she just came out without bras and we had to stop her. I had to let Rommel do the talking because he's the older brother. I've also offered Bb a lot of projects but she's too expensive to work with, my production is still small but we did offer. We even asked for rights on films but Bb later on wanted her own Director so it got shelved.

This next project I'm doing by the way "Ang Tatay Kong Hoodlum" will be some sort of a comeback in action films and I'll be with Kylie on this one. That you have to find out. You have to watch this new show too, 2 1/2 Daddies is something that would reflect Filipino lives, you'll learn how to handle situations like these, because ultimately, it happens.


The former Rustom Padilla revealed a lot during the press conference. Bb Gandanghari says 'When I was compared with Carmina Villaroel, I really laughed a lot about it. Tita Celia has alzeimers here and it was just a punchline. The creative group just picked it up because there are a lot of people who often compare Bb's looks with Carmina. But I didn't have any peg, I didn't even think about it. There must be a ton foreigners that I might have looked up to but not really this. As for Robin and Rommel's treatment, whatever they do with other women, they do it also to me. I really prefer them treating me normally which is what they are doing right now. I like that part a lot. I also would love to do a classic film, hopefully this would be a start to open new doors to make more action, more dramas. 

When I did PBB I wasn't able to come out in the public. During that show, I didn't even got to talk to anyone but only one person. It was Carmina (everyone gasped). Robin even got so mad he wanted to enter the house but they had to watch it... that happened exactly 9 years ago. Rustom and Carmina had closure during 2005, so I hope people would be fair to her. We helped each other during those times, she and I had so much things going through our lives. I had to run, and I thought I was Forrest Gump. When I left in 2002, I outed in LA late 2003/04 and when I got back here everyone was talking behind my back and it did hurt a bit to hear that. I didn't even talk to people in PBB, it wasn't planned at all, so for people thinking it was scripted, you're all wrong. The thought process was all inside, I was just looking for a sign and the Mariposa that arrived inside the home was just it. It wasn't a conspiracy, it was why I did a voluntary exit. It was just at the back of my head, a one time big time thing. I didn't want people to interrogate me, and it was the time to come out publicly.


Rommel Padilla adds "All along I thought it was just a gimmick. I talked to Robin and it looked like we're hearing from people that it's true. It did hurt that we received texts, feedback from people about his sexuality. It was bitter sweet, because it was like losing a brother, but in the end he found himself.

I've also tried a lot of things in acting, this series will be a test on how I could do comedy and I hope everyone would find me funny (Robin and BB says he's got good timing cracking jokes). Rommel also adds no matter what your blood brother is, whatever his preference is, you just have to love him. You have to maintain the respect he deserves. This is why we're in good terms. This is why it works."

2 1/2 Daddies was a riot on its first day, please watch again this Saturday 7 PM on TV5! Don't fail to watch it! 


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