The Padillas, Derek Ramsay and Empoy on New Shows in TV5!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2 and a Half Daddies

The BIGGEST stars from the Kapatid Network all came forth and presented in what seems to be also the BIGGEST offering this first quarter. Imagine the names Robin Padilla, Rommel Padilla and BB Gandanghari in one fun, amusing, action comedy show that will make you laugh so hard this coming January 24. This Saturday, you must see "2 1/2 Daddies" and see what it's all about. Ms. Celia Rodriguez even dubbed this as the show that will end all shows because she's seen how the rapport of these Padilla siblings and their antics both on and off camera. They also showed some clips during the launch, and I must say, it's going to be very promising. How will the brusko Robin, the smooth talking Rommel and fashown Bb Gandanghari be if they become instant Fathers in this series? Well you've got to see it to believe it on Saturday. I'm telling you, you'll love it! 

Mac and Chiz Derek Ramsey
Okay ladies, you can drool now! It's Derek Ramsay!

Mac and Chiz Derek Ramsey
You can also start wiping your mouth, coz you're going to be seeing him and his twin brother. No it's not him!

Mac and Chiz Derek Ramsey

Derek Ramsay will star on this show with good looking twin Empoy in a one of a kind, twist of fate, hit by lightning kind of comedy that will start on January 25, that's on Sunday. If you have any violent reactions on how Empoy ended up as Derek Ramsay's real twin brother in this series, you are hereby summoned to see it this weekend. They'll also be with the funny John Lapuz and the beautiful Bianca King. You must see how Empoy destroy or make the lives of his long lost brother happier with his antics in this modern sibling rivalry show. Who will end up wooing the girls? How will it make us realize that we're lucky to have the ones we have at home? You better watch Mac & Chiz or else, you'll be as good looking as Empoy this weekend. Oh boy you're going to be lucky if that happens! 


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