Happiness with Red Ribbon Mocha Roll

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happiness. It's one word to define you - when something surprising, something unexpected happens, it just brings enormous joy. This is what happened to me a few days ago when I received this box of Red Ribbon cake. It's the Filipino go to food when they want something comforting no matter what occasion that is. For birthday parties, baptismals, graduation or just simply hanging out with friends, the moment just becomes so special when there's a cake in the mix. That sweet start or end to your meal just tastes immeasurable, I could have sworn it's the person who gave me this that mattered but aside from that, it's the CAKE... it's the Red Ribbon Mocha Roll in fact!

Red Ribbon Mocha

When I opened the box, I thought I was going to see the usual Mocha Cake I buy from them. This looks to me like they've improved a lot in the looks department. The buttery icing which was formerly decorated on top seems to have been substituted alternately with super rich, earthy milk chocolate with fragrant mocha, chocolate, coffee and caramel tones. The top is also drizzled with a generous helping of caramel syrup... then all you can do is take a slice. Mmmm... I carefully placed it on a small plate and sat down on the table - having my moment to taste this wonderful piece of heaven!

Red Ribbon Mocha

It's available in all Red Ribbon Bakeshop branches nationwide and can be ordered in half or full Mocha Roll sizes. You can even have it delivered to your home for a fee if you can't take the time to go rush to the store. It's that convenient. I know you love Red Ribbon just like me, it's affordable, it's not too sweet and it's so easy to have on those special occasions. I'd love to share this also with my family, not just on special days, but even on a regular one so we can bond, take a moment to enjoy, indulge in lovely cake anytime of the day, wherever, or whoever I celebrate it with. Bring a box of Red Ribbon when you go to your friends house (especially me), and I'll surely appreciate it! It's my favorite of course! 


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