TV5 Features Basketball Wives on "Happy Wife, Happy Life!"

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Wife Happy Life
The hosts of Happy Wife, Happy Life!

I think this show's title came from the CEO of TV5 himself. He chuckled a little when he heard it announced on the event that evening. Whoever so not agrees on this statement, will perish of course not have a happy home. Four ladies, who's life has been intertwined by one common denominator, their husbands. Yes, their partners are all professional basketball players. Their successful relationships and families won't survive without the resourcefulness and dedication of these women, who are ultimately just like you at home. They're going to show you the ropes on how to survive, how to make your time useful while you're there. Give you practical home ideas, especially for first time Moms who's probably going through the same phase as they are. When you see the show, they hope you get to connect, because as much as they would like to be different, they are ultimately the same as you.

Happy Wife Happy Life
RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhoffer

When we talked to Jeck and Rr, they said that they are so blessed that the project was given to them after Amazing Race. They didn't expect it so they were very thankful. They almost didn't accept it because they thought it was going to be a reality show again. We know how that went in Amazing Race where they had a huge fight. They now see that it's different, they see how nice it is. Being with Danica and LJ was also special because they're all Christians. It's clear that it fits Rr because she's single but someday she wants to be like them, married and all. It was the first time when they had to fight during Amazing Race and that wasn't something RR wanted. They realized they couldn't control anything, it was something more of a lesson and she accepts that they're both a work in progress. 

Happy Wife Happy Life
LJ Moreno Alapag

Happy Wife Happy Life
Danica Sotto Pingris

They don't want to have that in a show of course. It's also the way they edited it in the show, and how people would perceive it. Rr also thinned a bit, she said she had to lose weight because she has a skin care clinic on the side. The stress and all during Amazing Race actually made it worse she says because sometimes they didn't eat just to get ahead of the others. Actually, their friends know that they are going to butt heads even if they were still not in the race. They expected it but says still, it was fun. The show for them will be segmented. Danica will cook, LJ will give advise on first time moms, Jeck will give business or entrepreneurial advise while Rr will concentrate on beauty. That's what they should watch out in this morning show slated 10:30AM everyday. It's like a magazine show on TV and in the pilot episodes, you'll see our families and have a grand time seeing our lives even before the actual show.  

Now that they're all together, you'll see how they will all gel together in this show, their lives on and off the court.


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