Pizza, Pasta, Salads at Project Pie BGC

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Guess who just opened up shop at 7th Avenue in BGC, it's Project Pie baby! The store's design has been spruced up, a little far from the former fully industrial look they had in other stores, which they also plan to implement in the near future. The difference is much of the added decor, a little scribble here and there, some pastel colors, lighting, pillows, instagrammable spots and a few bunk chairs and tables for groups of three or four. 

I guess they might have had a millenial inspiration and felt updating the place is vital so people could appreciate spending a little time there and appreciate not just the food, but connect with the ambiance.

Now that's not the only thing that has changed because along with the customized yummy PIZZA, you can now Build Your Own SALAD and PASTA too! They give you a form and a ball point pen so you could choose the ingredients to start building your perfect Pizza, Pasta or Salad and you know what I did? I chose them all!

You will be assisted by the kind pizza guy and no he's not included. They've got a selection of vegetables, proteins, sauces and crust. If you're not in the mood, just tell them and they could suggest too. 

For the drinks, you can have them all UNLIMITED for only 69 pesos and choose between the usual sodas, pineapple juice or iced teas. If you want booze, they also have local and importd beers but it's sold per bottle. You'll save a lot if you get the former.

Then you just have to wait on your table while they bake it in the brick oven. In the meantime, grab another form and start building your own Salad. I wanted a LOT of protein in mine so I've got sausages, pepperoni, tons of different cheeses and peppery arugula leaves. It was drizzled with Raspberry Vinaigrette and voila! My own salad masterpiece!

They also have a section of their kitchen where you can ask them to whip your favorite Pasta. I prefer either cream or pesto sauce on mine but you can always get the usual spaghetti and meatballs as it's still a hit for kids and adults who enjoy marinara sauce. 

I went there the next day to try it is was so good, albeit a little mix up in the orders they apologized but I completely understood. I'm going back there anyway! Now there's no reason to be sad when you're in one of their stores. Grab a slice, a fork and enjoy more at Project Pie today!

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Kiko Estrada Has His Eyes On The Target

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I've had the privilege of interviewing Kiko Estrada a couple years back when the talk of the town was the budding relationship he had with Kim Domingo. I loved their pairing and found they look good in shows, enough for me to follow them on social media religiously. A few months ago I saw the other break down as their pairing ended up in shambles. I felt sorry for Kim but just like any relationship, people have to move on and end what seemed to be forever.

Kiko mentioned "I am thankful for all the people I had a relationship with because we took a lot of things from each other, we learned a lot from the experiences and feel we had to go through that in life. I think I matured early, feel that there's still a lot to learn. Mulawin is just one of the things that was given to me and if you see what's happening on TV, that's not even the biggest part of the story yet. You should wait for what is about to happen in later episodes."

His birthday was much of a way to thank his fans. So in a small way, they got this activity to bond and be close. That tough exterior of Kiko Estrada? Let's just say he portrayed a sweet sweet boy and broke down walls and got these lucky fans what they deserve, some good ol hugs and kisses from the Kapuso star.

The event was also hosted by goodlooking and hunky Yas Marta of boyband group One Up and Businesswoman Tycoon (Ika Anim Na Utos star) Arianne Bautista. Which by the way are both talented and great in their own respective shows. 

They also played a contest to see who would become the best archers in the group, they got prizes and more hours to go back to Kodanda later on just by participating in it. I saw how happy they were spending time with Kiko and he promises that this won't be the end of doing good in the acting department because there are still a lot of things that GMA Artist Center has planned for him, they will be executing it well in the next few years and he's very excited for that!

Here's some of the scenes on video:

Happy birthday and may your career continue to flourish Kiko! :) 

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Dusit D2 Breaks Ground at BGC

On this photo: Mr. Jonas O. Senia GM of Lica Management,Inc., Mr. Efren Reyes the Owner, RBG Builders, Mr. Reynaldo Santos the VP for Operations,Global Project, Incorporated (GPI), Mr. Rolando Evangelista Owner of Global Project, Incorporated (GPI), Architect Ariel Francisco who is the Facade Consultant for W.V. Coscolluela and Associates, Bernice Baculi who is the AVP for Operations of SM Aura Premier, Mr. Felix K. Limcaoco III the Managing Director of Lica Management, Inc., Engr. Alfred A. Ecaldre  who is the Head, Lica Engineering and Design-LEAD, Engr. Estroly R. Flores the Construction Manager - Gravitas Project, (LEAD), Engr. Virgilio Miguel the Senior Project Manager for D. A. Abcede and Associates (DAAA) and Engr. Jason A. Pabello the Project Manager for DAAA during the topping off ceremony of Dusit D2 Hotel and Residences.

Yes it's not a joke, nor a fluke, this is happening and it's very near. They just concluded the topping off ceremony of Dusit D2 Hotel and Residences last June 16 at Bonifacio Global City and they are expecting to complete the project during the second quarter of 2018. It's a very tall order but definitely achievable because it is backed by property giant Lica Land Premier. 

Dusit D2 Hotel and Residences is going to also be an stellar addition to the properties managed and operated by the Dusit International group which has 65 years of experience in the hospitality industry. The hotel and mixed use property will be also integrated with the existing posh mall SM Aura Premier and the Aura Tower. It's 27 storeys high and will be one of the few iconic landmarks in the district.

Aside from the hotel and serviced residential units, it will also house the Dusit International Manila Hospitality Management School which will open with the property soon. If you are looking for a worthy investment, this will definitely be something to consider if you want to put your money in real estate. Imagine the possibilities!

If you're interested, you can call them today at 9843921, 09270492278, 09493730202. 

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(Photo Credits belong to owner, not mine)

See What's Cooking at Helen's Kitchen

I've always watched Eat Bulaga and I'm sure I'm not alone when you hear the small anecdotes about how good her cooking is to the point of ALWAYS having the hosts request for it anytime they crave for good home cooking. She always was the topic and true enough she gets them what they want the next day. Judging from the looks of it, her cooking is not just good, but legendary. This goes the same from the stories of Mega Star Ms. Sharon Cuneta, and believe me how she raves about it even then. So I guess it's about time she does us a favor, to basically share us her recipes and the experience what her home cooking feels like.

For those who don't know, she's dubbed as the Queen of the Kitchen with her closest friends and they will attest how good it is. This is co-produced by the creative people behind Idea First Co. who also does shows on TV5. This season, Ms. Helen Gamboa-Sotto will make you drool with food together with her guests the Diamond star Ms. Maricel Soriano, Carmina Villaroel, Eric Quizon, Pops Fernandez, Albert Martinez, Raymart Santiago, Ruby Rodriguez, Gladys Reyes, Donita Rose, Pauleen Luna Sotto and Ms. Pops Fernandez. They will be cooking but more than that, they will tell you their stories too. She will also prepare really lovely ceremonial "Pabaon" or take outs which her celebrity guests will get to take home.

 She gave me Pabaon of Pork Asado too! :)

Ms. Helen Gamboa Sotto laments "I'm going to share all the things that my Grandma, my Mom which was passed on to me. I will also share tips of which I do to prepare these dishes so it would be easier for ordinary Moms at home to follow, saving a buck or few in the process too."

Her show Helen's Kitchen will be aired exclusively on COLOURS via CignalTV starting July 1, that's this Saturday at 8PM. Make sure you watch the show and subscribe to the service because it will only be seen there! Well not really, but they are currently in talks to show this on TV5 so you wait for that. She promised me she's going to cook my favorite CHICHARON on the second season so I'm already excited for that! 

Drooling already!

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TV5 and Brillante Mendoza Presents: Anak

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Maybe, just maybe, it's not enough to have 3 movies made for TV to be shown on TV5. Oh yes because the ever brilliant Brillante Mendoza is adding another one to be shown on Sunday June 25 right on time after mothers day and fathers day to talk about family relationships, the love for mom and dads, sons and daughters and how it could go the lengths to weather pain, suffering and agony of bearing a child in a Filipino setting to make you ask if love alone in a family be okay or if it really exists.

Actors include the ever young and charming Romnick Sarmienta who plays Alex Ramos, Harlene Bautista who will be Marissa Ramos, Ms. Perla Bautista as Joy Bismarck, Bea Saw as Michelle Fernandez, Gay Quililan as Lydia Martinez and Kimmy Maclang as Beth Santos. They will make you understand how and why the Obando Fertility Rites have been done for years and how it has impacted the lives and faith of Filipinos here and around the world, to give them hope and be pregnant no matter what the odds are.

The show will come right after LAKBAI (show hosted by Baste Duterte) so make sure you tune in to the happiest network in the country the whole afternoon, right at TV5.

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Love for #SmartBritneySpears in Manila

Had a super awesome time at Mall of Asia Arena as Smart Communications got the one and only princess of pop Britney Spears to the Philippines in the flesh! Her music definitely brings back memories of the 90's and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a fan. I've been thinking about what the whole concert was for and why people still filled a 10,000+ arena without any seat left unoccupied. Why do people still love her? 

Britney represented a generation of people that not only loved a blonde all american girl, but one that promotes feel good music no matter what challenges she faced. She might be shiny and all but if you think about it, she went through a phase of depression, separation, breakups, love, repeat, which makes her all the more human like you and me. Her music still makes you feel good that no matter how f'd up it may seem, it will all be better because there is always HOPE, there is always LOVE. So sorry for being a little mushy but it is the only concert where I've seen the audience sing (literally everybody) with passion and make their own afterparty instantaneously like that. That stems from love, which constitutes that Britney Spears magic she bears... which almost any quintissential Filipino is a part of, and can relate to. For those who missed the concert...

Britney Spears is just like you and me, her music will live for generations to come. Thanks to #SmartMusic for letting us experience another great concert from another world class performer. I am sure there will be more! 

Thanks also to SMART BRO for getting us connected so we could post updates while in the venue. Make sure you also get connected while in any concert place by using SmartBro's SURFMAX250. Just send the keyword SURFMAX250 to 2200. Thank you Smart for doing #SmartBritneySpears #LikeNoOther.

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Attention: Charlie Puth Day at Uptown BGC

Monday, June 19, 2017

Set at the fountain area of BGC, Warner Music and their partners held Charlie Puth Day at one of the poshest malls in country, Uptown Bonifacio. 

It was like 2 concerts happening at the same time because at the fountain area, they had performers like soul siren Nina, Leanne And Naara, Midnight Meetings, Altitude.7 then got acoustic performances by About Radio, Alpha Caeli and Monique at the popular WISH BUS of WISH FM. 

It rained quite hard but Charlie Puth fans braved the rain and gusting winds, took shelter at the nearby restaurants and listened to dedicated songs from the performers all night. 

We also talked to online duo and phenom Leanne and Naara who actually is still doing good in Spotify here and in different countries. They have now started to write different English songs and are appreciating the mileage they get with the help of their recording company. Even if they were new, they sang quite nice and looked very confident on stage as they sang inside the Uptown Mall. They dedicated their cover song of Marvin Gaye just because they love him doing that.

One of Warner's new talents is Altitude 7. They do original and cover songs and will do One Call Away. They do gigs in Tiendesitas and have an album which you can digitially download with their carrier single "Hindi Mo Lang Alam" (You Just Don't Know).

These teens are new artists, they call themselves Alpha Caeli. They are young, fresh and performs pop to metal songs. Their carrier single is called Intertwine and promoting their second one Eventide. Mostly all about young relationships and love. Their songs are again available in digital stores. They also did the Charlie Puth song Some Type of Love, which puts you into a little daze as it's heavily missed. Pretty promising if you ask me.

They plan to release an EP a couple of months from now so if you like them now, just wait for that! 

Ahsley Gosengfiao now also part of Warner Music. She says their popular single "Sa Aking Pagpikit" (When I Close My Eyes) was not planned at all. They didn't know it would blow up like this and says they are very thankful for the attention they are getting for something that they did for fun. 

Nina also did a small interview with us. She says there's no rift between her and her former music company. Listen in!

It was a super fun day with friends, celebrities and tons of Charlie Puth music. It was fun and the weather can't stop us at all. All for the love of Puth! Make sure you purchase their songs on leading digital stores today!

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