Are You Team Daniel? Or Team James?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Are you Team Daniel? Or Team James?

Well... You shouldn't have to choose. You see, both these guys have their own star quality, Daniel is a crooner, James is an RnB sensation, they are both great actors, they have really good successful shows, have the love of their lives beside them and yes, they're both darn good looking. I'm a fan of both of these guys and it shouldn't be an issue.

Now the dilemma might be your preference about the drinks they endorse, Daniel has Pepsi, while James has Mountain Dew. The former has deep rich cola taste while the other has a lime fresh fizz on it, both drinks are staple in Filipino lunch and snack tables, the brands probably knew it would be a better idea to put them together and let you decide what's better.

In the past weeks, everyone was guessing if this was a new movie, a new TV show or a commercial, they heard you and did history in front of your eyes. These are good lads and they haven't worked together aside from their TV guestings, but to make you aware, they've got a new commercial out for the Doble Hataw promo. In the shoot, Daniel drove a sports car while James drove a Pickup Truck, they love em both and even got the chance to drift it. The shoot was fun and chill, so in a sense a very memorable one to be in this project.

If you like one or both these guys, go buy specially marked bottle caps and labels and send details as accorded by the instructions through text or Facebook Messenger and you could win 3 brand new Sports Cars or 3 brand new Pickup Trucks plus millions worth of prizes including smartphones, mobile data and drink vouchers. 

Now isn't it good to choose both of them? :)


The Fight Continues: Goldwyn vs Michael on Dragonlady

Friday, May 24, 2019

Let’s not get confused, if you might be wondering what’s happening with the corporation and the personalities that are getting so much bad luck in this series, they all boil down to a love story between Michael (played by Tom Rodriguez) and Goldwyn (played by EA Guzman) and the dragonlady herself Scarlet (played by Janine Gutierrez).

EA and Tom’s character are smitten with Scarlet but in the episode which happened a few days ago, Goldwyn found them in the most awkward situation, dressed in their birthday suits, coyote ugly, then all hell breaks loose! Scarlet just couldn’t contain her real feelings for Michael and that time alone and conversation just made them closer, the passion exploded and inhibitions went out the door because that’s how real love works. But in the end, she tells Michael that she’s just playing with him... something they’d regret if this bears fruit in the coming days. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Meanwhile, their corporation isn’t doing much better as DJ Durano’s antics just wouldn’t work with their offices accounting and how much he’s spent for the nights he’s been gambling with the company’s money. To get away with it, he decides to also blackmail an evil vixen portrayed by Maricar de Mesa, which hopefully also gets caught because they’ve been living in luxury all this time. When they do, maybe they’ll both end behind bars, and life would just be perfect. Until, those who they think were already dead, suddenly appeared and freakishly alive!

Oh how I remember those latin telenovelas, things that are weird always happen, and apparently, our oriental and Asian take on it proves it’s a very good story too. Now there will be more things happening in the coming weeks, I saw them shooting last week in a nearby hotel in Quezon City. Scarlet seem to be back with Goldwyn (or are they?), but are they really together? Or will this spell something bad for them when they discover her hidden identity (especially if Astrid makes their lives like hell!).

Make sure you watch Dragonlady on GMA’s Afternoon Prime! Wait til they unravel more angles in this story, and maybe more characters that will make their lives worse than it already is. Exciting!


Michael V for Family History

One just not question Michael V’s genius. His humor and brand of comedy has spanned several years in different channels, different shows and just about every hilarious music video they’ve made since the 90’s. This year, we all got word that he’s working with GMA Pictures and his own outfit called Mic Test Entertainment Inc. as creator and lead actor in a movie called FAMILY HISTORY. In a story conference a few months back, we learned that other stars like Dawn Zulueta, Paulo Contis, Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Nonie Buencamino, Kakai Bautista, Ina Feleo, Mikoy Morales, Vince Gamad, Jemwell Ventenilla and Nikki Co also joined in the cast.

The big ensemble seem to be essential to the story and with how has been able to do great work in the past few years, he’s bound to do something even greater this coming July so expect a masterpiece to appear this mid 2019. This is also the first time where Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Michael V will be teamed up on screen but I bid these seasoned actors won’t find anything hard to do especially because they’ve done comedy in past projects already.

I can’t wait to see more of this when they start showing the film in theaters nationwide and perhaps on digital streaming sites too. This isn’t the first time Michael V has directed something because most of the legwork and comedy in Bubble Gang is credited to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if people would want to watch something fun from Bitoy!

Stay tuned on GMA’s social media properties because it’s also going to be teased on these channels. This is going to be fun, we can’t wait!

The Launch of GCASH for Good

GCASH For Good just launched today. It’s a CSR work by the same people behind GCASH and their partner non governmental organizations. Since the platform has free transactions, taking advantage of the cashless system to transfer funds to help different advocacies will be easier now. YOU can use it to help those in need.

Ney Villasenor, MYNT’s Vice President and Group Head says “We have 35 willing enterprises. We are the number one mobile wallet in the country today. Send money, buy food, at the heart of what we do is we are safe, secure and reliable. Now we have a chance to use the app to empower people and do good. Now it’s easy, everybody wants to be part of something bigger than their everyday lives. We have well meaning organizations that can be brought together, in environment, education, children's rights, just about any charity organization to use GCASH FOR GOOD. Later on you will see stories, who in their own little way can use it for good, you all tell us how to do it, we are appealing for Filipinos to do more. When you buy medicine, there are people who could help, if you have GCredit, it’s easier for you to do that. It’s a true story, we welcome you to join us and make this a reality, we believe GCASH can be used for good.”

Ms Mabs Niala, MYNT’s Sustainability Head says “All our programs and activities are geared towards a sustainable nation. We encourage generosity that will allow people to give, a community of do gooders, an easy job for us. Join us in GCASH for Good, all our partner NGO’s have their advocacies and we can be enablers. With your help, the power of good prevails.”

Currently, they have ABSCBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, ECHOsi Foundation (social enterprises), Caritas Manila (Catholic Charities), WWF Philippines (Wildlife and Nature Conservation), Hero Foundation (For Soldiers and their families scholarship), Alagang Kapatid Foundation (TV5’s CSR Arm), Animal Kingdom Foundation (Animal welfare), Benilde SDEAS (Deaf student scholarships), BIOFIN (for nature biodiversity), Segunda Mana (social service), Childrens Hour Philippines Foundation (child welfare), Fishers and Changemakers (fishing social enterprise), Daluhay Daloy ng Buhay Inc. ( nature and agricultural foundation), Great Women (women empowerment), Hope Foundation (education and classrooms), House Foundation (sustainable enterprise), ILOVE Foundation (Gina Lopez), Kythe Foundation (for hospitalized children), Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (biodiversity in Mindoro Island), Philippine Dogs and Cats Rescuers Association Inc. (Animal welfare), Pusod Inc (marine, water ecosystem conservation), Saret Organic Farmville (indigenous tribe farming), ICanServe Foundation (early detection and breast cancer causes), Haribon Foundation (habitat and wildlife conservation), PHAPCares Foundation Inc. (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare org), Save the Children (Childrens org), The Philippine Red Cross and a whole lot more soon!

Since the app is online, any individual capable of using the app for their transactions (in any age too) can now help agencies involved in education in depressed areas, animal welfare, kids with special needs, cleanup activities, civil society and people organizations of which they showed videos during the event. It’s an opportunity for you to also be socially responsible too. Filipinos can now donate, give and care for the advocacies of their choice. The app is going to send money, send money to accounts, as quick as sending an sms and you can join the movement by downloading the app today.


Star Magic Launches Star Magic Circle 2019 on their 27th Year!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

It looks like you’ll love the new batch of Star Magic Circle 2019. Familiar commercial faces, models, showbiz royalties and new faces made the list, and we met them all yesterday!

Gillian Vicencio who already did Eerie and an iWant series called Karga, Belle Mariano who already graduated from Goin Bulilit and did episodes from Ipaglaban Mo and Maalaala Mo Kaya, Glen Vargas who was a part of a boyband, commercials and several teen films, Kendru Garcia who grew up in Saipan and is a part of Star Magic workshops, Arielle Roces who is also a commercial model and did stints like Esperanza, promising Eisel Serrano (who looks so good btw with her really nice brows people liken her to Janine Gutierrez) who wishes to be the ultimate contrabida (check out her interview below), RA Lewis who’s so tall at 6’3 (immediately scouted for Star Magic while lining up for PBB), Javi Benitez a 6 foot host and sports enthusiast, Aiyana Waggoner a model who already did Bench Fashion Week (I could have shot her somewhere), Arabella Del Rosario who is a triple threat, Anthony Jennings a Brit 6 foot actor who already did Touchscreen with Pokwang, JC Alcantara who was part of the much talked about show Halik, Sophie Reyes the grand daughter of legendary Paraluman, Melizza Jimenez who was part of Kathniel’s movie Barcelona, Jeremiah Lisbo a commercial model for a food giant, and Kyle Echarri who is currently doing Kadenang Ginto as part of the Gold Squad.

They will all be performing on Sunday May 26 at ASAP Natin To and on June 2 at the Tatak Star Magic Event in Ayala Fairview Terraces. You don’t want to miss this! Oh but wait, who do you love among these 16 good looking guys and gals?


GMA’s One Hugot Away Presents: Beauty and the Hypebeast

Kelvin Miranda and Angel Guardian for next installment of ONE HUGOT AWAY, it’s called Beauty and the Hypebeast, sounds so cool on paper, but will these two new actors deliver? On June 3, we will know. The first one was quite successful, gone viral in fact so the pressure is in these two even if they are new.

Angel says “I started in commercials and stopped for a while and when I came back two years ago, I tried with GMA and luckily they got me. I did Studio 7, which was so fun even if it was a bit rushed. I am already 20, working full time and J am so glad for the opportunities GMA Artist Center has given me. My first project was with Pamilya Roces and also Onanay. In the One Hugot Away episode, it’ll include a rich and young girl and a young man who is going to be Hypebeast. When we shot this it was so smooth because it’s been 3 years since I knew Kelvin, we didn’t have any problems because there were no inhibitions. Even before when I was doing workshops the director was having fun with me because I needed to play a mean girl. I also sing (and she sang impromptu).”

Right now she’s plotting her music career and wishes to experiment. She likes different genres and idolizes Billie Eilish, she also sees herself doing a lot of music of that kind, a little dark and weird which she likens most of her poems. She also likes Frisbee and Archery which she seriously wants to do even while doing showbusiness. She will also be on Black Lipstick opposite Kyline Alcantara so if you are planning to see her, that may be a good movie to watch out for.

Meanwhile on the other table, Kelvin says “When I dress up and talk, I have to be legitimately hypebeast. We shot most of it in Malate so you get to see people in the same groups doing it, sometimes they are even in the scene. We don’t know if we have given justice to the roles because just like you, we haven’t seen it yet. We are doing the second installment and we hope people would like it. It’s just luck, maybe we are being tried as a loveteam, it’s my first time too so I don’t know because this is my first time paired in a loveteam. All my scenes are also serious so it is a little different from what we have been doing. We did well in the workshop and having lots of projects with GMA Artist Center made me realize all my work has been worth it. I also audition and I think it’s why I get to learn a lot from my projects. The responsibility that goes with projects makes it a little more pressured that usual, but I am glad to have been able to land interesting characters.”

He looks up to John Arcilla and other veteran actors. Seeing their old projects through Netflix makes him so eager to learn from them, he even wishes to at least have scenes from them too. More than the story, the program is about forgiveness, taking away pride and egos, he’ll be seen dishing out usual hugots on scenes and if he misses, it’s because that’s how his character is. He also sings, does a very good job at it too.

Again, watch ONE HUGOT AWAY for the episode Beauty and the Hypebeast on GMA this June 3. It’s going to be shown the same way as the last one (in different times of the day) and online so don’t miss it! This is also directed by Zig Dulay.


Study Now Pay Later: Ronnie Liang Signs with Aviation Marketing Solutions

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Aviation Marketing Solutions signs Ronnie Liang. Beside him is Hon Arquillo, the owner of AMS.

For high school students or business men and women who would want to become private or commercial pilots, this is a bit of good news for you. Aviation Marketing Solutions is making headway in making your dreams of flying come true. For starters, they’re making it possible for you to afford to go to flying school as they have partner schools that have study now pay later schemes and even easy payment terms which would pave the way for more people to be able to finish their studies and fulfill their dreams. Aside from that, they got very talented balladeer and TV personality Ronie Liang as the face for Aviation Marketing Solutions. This corporation has partnered with several schools that will accommodate students and professionals who would want to get involved in flying, so really, it’s not too late people!

We sat down with Ronnie Liang and asked him about his experience and he says “I have to accomplish several hours of flying as a requirement even after going through daily ground courses. Then after that a few more hours supervised, then as first officers, then a few hundred hours more to fly on my own. There is a separate number of hours and units so you could do it in a simulated environment and because you can’t really pay millions to rent a whole plane for that reason, it would also take a few years to finish this but I’m planning to take around 3 flights a week to make it happen. It’s not easy and it is very expensive. Though I’m glad to know the benefits are great and work/career is very lucrative, there is a shortage too for both the local and international airline industry. You also get to go places, have free flights too for you and your family. I can’t wait for the moment to fly planes because it has been my dream since I was young.”

Partner brands and representatives from JCI were also there!

Ronnie will also be releasing a song with Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo and will have a concert on November 8 this year. You can also watch Ronnie’s appearance in hit action movie “MARIA” available on Netflix plus Ghost Adventures in SariSari Channel via Cignal Cable.

For those who would like to know more about the program and would like to send their intentions of joining, please visit their Facebook page at or visit their office at the 3F Ben Lor Building, Quezon Avenue QC during office hours.

Time to fly!


People Are Eager to Live Here: Amaia Steps Pasig Bianca

Thursday, May 16, 2019

I’ve heard after the elections, a LOT of people wanted to transfer to Pasig City. Well if you’re keen on really making that happen, this might be good news for you.

There’s a new mid rise residential structure in Eusebio Avenue San Miguel Pasig City called Amaia Steps Pasig Blanca. Made to answer the need of driven young professionals who are just starting a family or climbing up the corporate ladder, this would be a worthy investment at the heart of the green city.

It’s got 256 units across nine floors, spacious Studio, Deluxe and Premier units. It’s also modernly designed to fit the taste of young professionals, and their families. It’s also near the Ortigas Central Business District and commercial complexes like Tiendesitas, SM Supercenter Pasig and Robinsons Galleria. If you want your kids to also go to school, they’ve got nearby Pasig Catholic College, Arellano University and Rizal Technological University. Traveling to and from the community is easy because you can literally walk from it to jeepney stops, uv or other transport means. They also have a swimming pool, a jogging path, multi-purpose hall, basketball court and landscaped gardens inside the property. They plan to also build a few commercial spaces downstairs which will serve as their retail complex. Kids will also love the play area, they’ll all have fun without leaving the community too.

Amaia Land sells these with flexible payment schemes. You can get through cash, deferred payments and bank financing.

You may visit or for details. As east as that!

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto for Between Maybes

It looks like Black Sheep is trying another formula as they pair up Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson for the movie Between Maybes. It’s not fully a romcom but a very light romance.

The setting is a little over 2 hours away from Fukuoka, in a place called Saga. The character is very close to real life Julia but she stressed “At the end of the day it’s my job and it was needed in the script and without it the gravity of the situation won’t have impact, it tells intimacy and it should be done as actors, it shouldn’t be an issue. My mom was happy and she appreciates Gerald in the film too. I don’t think he watched it or I don’t know if he will, he knows it and when he knew about it he told me he acknowledged it and if it is needed he’ll understand, I appreciate that part. I think people forget that we have management, this is well thought of and it’s all laid out in a plan. I have always liked tea even before the shoot.”

JP Laxamana says “The script wasn’t thinking with any actress in mind so when they asked for the requirement she did it. I really admire her, I didn’t want to get limited creatively. We did a workshop before shooting this film and they are good actors to begin with. As I said she is being a professional actress and they knew how to deliver the vision.”

Gerald says “There are days when I want to do this too, there are a lot of people who want to relate to it. I focused on Louie and how he found someone thinking it would bring him happiness but it didn’t end that way. Louie is very distinct, it happens to OFW’s and it’s not hard to emulate something real. I may not be much like Louie, but if you think about it he’s like much of our kababayans who work outside the country.”

Saga was essential for them because it was all quiet, during the whole shoot there they probably saw around 5 people in the community and it was normal, only a handful Filipinos from other cities went there when they got word they were shooting there too. It felt so serene and they had a conscious effort to not look like a tourist spot hopping location, it was rural Japanese villages, it was a decision for them to feature the community.

If you love Gerald, Julia, and Japan, take it to the movies and make them a box office success. This is under Black Sheep productions and there will be screenings in the US, some EU, Asian countries, Japan too. Gerald and Julia is currently in the cover of Saga’s official mag, if you can get a hold of it.

It shows May 15.