Jack Daniel's Bar No.7 Opens at BHS Central

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hey people! If you are around the Bonifacio High Street Central area, Jack Daniel's is officially opening their Jack Daniel's No. 7 Bar at the front of Shake Shack and Adidas store in Taguig. We got here during the soft opening, and by gowd the drinks are so good! I like mine simply as Jack Coke but they're preparing cocktails and straight shots all for 120-200 bucks per drink. Best gift for Dad or your boyfriends!

This will be open until the second week of January so if you want to have fun right after work, this would be so cool to just jump in and relax. Oh and I almost forgot, they've got a huge Barrel Christmas tree made from real Jack Daniel oak barrels which they upcycled from their cellars.

They have a cool hangout area in this loft.

The classic Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey

My fave is the Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire is a close second

Mine is simply Jack Coke

Extra fireworks!

The Jack Daniel's Barrel Tree

Gabe Fajardo the Senior Brand Manager for Jack Daniel's says "Tonight marks another special event for Jack Daniel's. Everytime we make it, we make it as good as we can. These are used barrels, with history, we are a major brand that use our own barrels. This took over two weeks to build, these barrels makes Jack Daniel's unique. This is a first in the Philippines and in the region. This is our Holiday Barrel Tree! It's not what is under the tree that is important, it's who is around it. Let's light it up!"

Now don't take my word for it. Rush to the Jack Daniel's no.7 Bar in BGC and have much needed break. Enjoy the holidays!


ACER X RealMe Holiday Promo

They made the entire newly opened Glorietta Activity center into a town filled with houses capped in snow and ice as they launch an equally fancy Christmas promo with Acer and popular phone brand Realme. They call it REAL HOLIDAY. What's in it for you? Well let's just say if you are trying to find deals in purchasing a laptop computer today from Acer and their Predator line, they're going to make it even more special by throwing in a new phone from RealMe Philippines.

All you need to do is to purchase qualifying Acer Laptops and Predator computers like the Swift 3, Aspire 5, the Predator Nitro 5 and Helios 300. These gaming and lifestyle perfect laptop computers have been really getting good reviews so far and if you're planning to get one this Christmas season, wouldn't it be good to give the phone to yourself (as a gift to self) or a loved one too? Exactly, this is probably why they're doing it and with Acer, Intel and RealMe putting it out there, this would be a deal you can't resist! It only is available from November 15 - December 31.

Sue Ong Lim from Acer says "Thank you to our distributors, our partners, the executives from both Acer and RealMe. This is our biggest promo ever and it has been a back to back success as the number 1 laptop and pc manufacturer in the country. Sales volume has been all exceeded. Acer Predator is also the number one gaming laptop in the Philippines. Thank you so much for your support!"

RealMe Philippines very own Jackie Chen says "The Christmas vibe is all around and we share the vision of providing quality products. It's a great honor to have a collaboration with Acer and as the fastest smartphone brand in the country, we are so glad to have you experience the RealMe gadgets. Purchase of these smartphones can also get you to win Acer Nitro, so have a wonderful evening to you all!"

Dante Fernandez of Microsoft Philippines says "The latest update in Microsoft Windows 10 will make you yearn for laptops that are thin, light and fast. You will also have faster, more battery life, more durable, more secure and will be easier for your daily tasks. With SSD's, you can boot up faster than a typical laptop with a regular drive. There is also Windows Hello for security. You can sign documents digitally, write notes, achieve more and do more with Windows which comes with Acer products." 

Bryan Dy of Acer Consumer Notebooks adds "The Predator Triton 300 was launched in Berlin. It is now available in the Philippines since last August highlighting thinner and more powerful gaming devices. Powered by the latest 9th gen Intel 8 core Processors, it also has GForce 1650 Graphics Card and 2 TB SSD's. This also has advanced thermal design which would be good for gamers. It is patented and regulating gaming temperatures is really important. This holiday campaign, we have a great partnership with RealMe and you can also get free memory upgrade and RealMe C2 for the i5 version (54,990 and 59,999) while get the RealMe 5 for the i7 version (74,999) Now is the time to shop!"

Eason De Guzman from RealMe says "We are 17 Million strong and is the fastest growing smartphone brand in the country. We also hosted one of the biggest mobile gaming competition via the RealMe Mobile Legends Cup. It is the best opportunity to experience good things with Acer and RealMe. One important aspect of having a phone is by making it last with a good battery, we provide smartphones that would be good for content creation, takes good photos and videos, and share it with the world. RealMe has it at very affordable price points. You just have to try it!"

Manuel Wong the Managing Director for Acer Philippines

The phones can also be used for gaming, taking photos, usual communication and social media. I bet it's going to be a good deal especially if you have family or friends who wants to try the experience of having an Acer Laptop. Go visit computer stores who carry ACER because there might be limited stocks in some areas.  


The Miss World Sendoff: Michelle Dee Vies for 2nd PH Crown

The Philippine pageant fanatics are still probably in disbelief with what happened in Miss International. But earlier, we were able to see Michelle Dee, as we are sending a fierce and gorgeous candidate for Miss World 2019. The sendoff was hosted by ALV, Miss World PH organization and GMA Artist Center. She is going to London UK as announced. She is also the daughter of noted actress and beauty queen herself Miss Melanie Marquez.

Michelle has been educated in De La Salle University and has a degree in Psychology. She’s also a model, actress and TV personality. She has hosted events, shows, and champions autism awareness. She’s very beautiful. She is planning and training doubly hard to take the Philippines’ second Miss World crown after our lovely Queen Megan Young.

She says “I am focusing on promoting my advocacy for autism awareness. I have been doing work with the Autism Society Philippines and we’ve been doing events to promote inclusivity, to work with several brands in our campaigns. I also need help in the Multimedia Fastrack Challenge via the Mobstar app, where I need the Filipinos help. I will also be leaving for London on November 19, together with my family, handlers from MWP and GMA 7. I also will be going there with my friends and training team.”

The Miss World Pageant night will happen on December 14, 2019 Saturday at 10pm and will be broadcasted live via satellite. GMA Artist Center was also supported by Goju Juice Drinks, Blue Water Day Spa, M&Ms and Doublemint by providing the attendees products after the media conference.

Now go support our candidate, she’s doing the country proud!


The Amazing Betong Sumaya in Concert at the Music Museum

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Betong Sumaya’s concert is going to happen at the Music Museum on November 21 8pm. Betong actually sings, and we’ll find out how this all happens on this date. His guests include Dingdong Dantes, Michael V, Alden Richards, Miguel Tanfelix, Jeric Gonzales, Maricris Garcia, Aicelle Santos, Anthony Rosaldo, May Bautista, Michael Angelo, Lovely Abella, Valeen Montenegro, Chariz Solomon, Patricia Javier, Chuckie Dreyfus, Arthur Solinap and Carlo Gonzales.

He starts by saying "If you guys know the song, just keep it in your mind."

Betong says “I didn’t have confidence really but have been contemplating on doing this two years ago. I was an amaturista, brought up by my Mom who pushed me to join competitions when I was a kid. I lived in Antipolo, I didn’t really anticipate I’ll have a concert when I joined GMA because I was always working behind the camera, then went in front to do re-enactments for Kay Susan Tayo. When Survivor came, it was just a big opportunity and then I joined Bubble Gang. In the concert, it won’t be fully just be comedy, I will have song and dance numbers. I will also have guests because honestly, I am thankful they heeded my call for their help for this concert. I personally texted each of them and did the rounds, I also tried to call a lot of other stars and it was a mess with their schedules but they all were willing to join me in my birthday concert. I wanted of course to have more, but some of them have yet to say yes. I wanted a dance showdown but Alden wanted a song and dance number, so we are arranging that to happen. The songs have been chosen by me, I believe they are very close to my heart. I used to go to provinces and perform them, I also included songs which inspired me by great Filipino balladeers. Mae was super ready to be with me, and Sir Dingdong called me who was excited for me. I was too shy to ask him but he was so enthusiastic when he called me, I hope Ms Marian also comes because they have been a huge part of my career. I will try to sing, I will try dance, I will try to act (with Bitoy), I will try not to perspire. I will also try to make the Music Museum full. I am thankful to Artist Center because I didn’t ask much but they have been forwarding a lot of things for me to try. I was supposed to release my first single but they just ran out of time because we have 16 guests, we might head off doing Unang Hirit the next day. This is very meaningful for me, because it is my birthday, and also my Dad’s birthday. He would have wanted to see me on TV, he didn’t get to see this. I also will dedicated this to my family. I may perhaps try writing songs soon, also will release a single via GMA Record. This Friday we will be giving you Scavengers, a two part special for the anniversary of Bubble Gang. Antonietta will be part of the concert, she may have guests as well. We will keep it a surprise.”

Betong’s Amazing Concert (Try Ko Lang Ha) only have a few tickets left and if you’re looking for some, go to Music Musem Ticketron or Ticketworld https://bit.ly/2Q09XPE at 8-891-999 or call Music Museum 8-721-6726.


Red Carpet Scenes: The Annulment Premiere Night

Monday, November 11, 2019

Looks like Regal Entertainment is putting their bets on a little more mature movie this time with Lovi Poe and Joem Bascom, both great actors in a film called The Annulment. Timely, yes, because there have been a lot of talk about divorce and the politics of it. When you're in a toxic relationship, when you're not happy, or just plain giving up on a futile union, it is a choice, would you rather stay? Or just quit?

Well, let's just say Gari (Lovi Poe) and Sherwin (Joem) are having a circus in the movie. One, tries to be blind, the other does it, gets caught in the act, then everything falls. Direk Mac Alejandre attacked this quite slow, but the confrontation scenes are quite gold. You will get fun off the love scenes, the slaps, and hell hath no fury when a woman scorned.

The support ensemble is good, I like the situations and how the friends blend in the story. No matter how awkward the situation is.

Laura Lehmann and Von Pessumal

Myrtle Sarroza is going to be spicy, will she play a role that might shake up these two?

Ketchup Eusebio

Kenneth Paul Cruz

Janus del Prado

The movie will show starting November 13 in theaters nationwide! This is under Regal Entertainment. It's a quality film made with serious intentions, especially about saving relationships.

This is for mature audiences.