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Monday, July 13, 2009

I have been working for a multi national networking company based in Irvine, California for 5 years now and am enjoying life. The learning experience from my job was one of the best perks; it was more than what I imagined. I was able to work with the best Internet service provider weather it be Cable, DSL, fiber optic, Satellite or wireless connections. I was able to test these connections and only a few of them passed my standards. Not that I am obsessed in my on line life, but in this day and age I barely go out since entertainment has been already brought in my home by a couple of gadgets I purchased since I got Charter cable.

When I got this line a few years ago, I was not complaining of download speeds since it has been relatively fast compared to the ones I test at work for networking products. We own about 75 percent of the market so I am quite used to lease line connections that we often use at different parts of the US. It was also a lot faster than that of DSL lines because I can download a lot of stuff in a few hours.


I have media adapters that stream audio and video over the lines but I never had that much problem even if I resort to wireless connections at home. There maybe some instances I get disconnected but those were just caused by phone signal interferences which do not concern what I pay for. I just changed frequencies, phone brands then lo and behold the problems went away in a jiffy. I was mostly surprised about its performance on large file sharing and video streaming. I can call people elsewhere in the globe and do not even get lags of any sort. This was really great since it was the best option to get connected to my loved ones.

I even saw Charter on Facebook and added it so I can see the latest news or specials which would benefit me and my family. I never knew my simple life and career would get any better with Charter! But it really did!




eva said...

naku di naman. ikaw nga diyan eh dami dami sayo. penge naman. =)

Liza said...

Ang sarap naman ng work mo! :)