Saturday, July 04, 2009

It was early morning when we arrived in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Rescue Center. This was a photo opportunity which I was excited about because of the previous notions there were going to be a couple of models that will be working for us. I slave away days in photo processing these shots so if there are one or two that are not perfect PUHLEASE FORGIVE ME! It's a darn 500+ photos and I don't want to throw away the other ones just because a few are prettier... we had a mishap in the morning because the model backed out in the last minute. When we went there to shoot, it literally was already lunch time when one arrived as a back up. This was huge since there were a lot of people waiting and inching to click their cams but since we did not have one around we just walked and waited and walked and waited. It was okay though since some of them arrived in the afternoon and we started shooting. Make up was awesome with Ms. Steph Rodriguez. She had something in mind for the shoot but she wanted our input since we are the ones conceptualizing the shoot. Rey Rana's dresses were awesome even in the sweltering heat of the sun. The colors just POP and I did not have that much problem with editing them. It was just watermarking I had some problems with because it was too many pictures literally taking me 2 weeks just for that.

Here are some of the post processed shots I took last June 20... I became a negroid afterwards because of the hot sun! Man! That was an afternoon shoot, so remind me to get sunblock next time! Hahahah...

Fashion Designer: Rei Rana
Make-Up Arttist: Steph Rodriguez
Models: Eunique Pineda, Princess Cabuya, Jhantelle Chua and Edison Subala


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