Bugs Give Me the Creeps!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I am a guy, but I do not like bugs. Yeah, those creepy and crawling things that most of us brush off everyday just send shivers down my spine and get me to think about pouring kerosene at our house and set it on fire. No, I am not an arsonist but I do not have the normal patience that most people have when it comes to pests. You can quote me on that figuratively and metaphorically.

At home, we have ants in the bathroom. I do not want to see them marching up and down our walls at any time of the day. They would only be prevented by turning the shower on while we take time putting it on full blast so these hard biting red ones do not see the light of day on your skin. That would really be a pain having them cause bumps and red itchy patches on your body; and most of them come out where you least expect it.

There are some bugs in my folk's room that I do not even know what they are called. The only ones you would see in the morning are huge rashes and bites because apparently they are all blood suckers too. I do not even want to go into details, but something has got to be done in order to stop this menace!

We do not have Chicago Pest Control in our country. This should have been the time where we would need professionals to do the job. I saw in their web site the possible solutions to these everyday problems about bugs and insects; also the uninvited guests. If you need to find the right people for this job, remember to give them a call if you are in the US. There's just no comparison to the services they can do to get rid of the real threat that is inside our homes. Now is the time, now is the hour to keep your family safe.


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