Take a Seat

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It was a fine evening; I had to do reports as usual. Since I am going to sit in front of the computer for almost 9 straight hours for work, the need to be comfortable in my chair was a necessity. This however did not turn out right because the one I had on my work area was used by a co worker and replaced it with a dilapidated one. I was not a happy boy.

I did try my best to get my posture straight and had to resort using pillows for my back and head so I can at least survive the 8 remaining hours of work. I was not lucky, my back still did hurt and my neck became strained for doing that. I guess I had to call another department and have them replace it, but since I was in a graveyard shift the administration office was closed and only open at regular office hours. I was already sarcastic when I asked the utility men and women; I was getting more stressed by the minute. I need better Office Chairs.

A Good Samaritan got up and gave me his chair, from then on I was smooth sailing. I got him breakfast too because of that. The necessity of proper seating is vital for people; I got my point across and got the chair replaced the day after. I'm happy they got me the best one too!


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Superjaid said...

mahirap po talagang magwork kapag pangit ang upuan,lalo na kapag halos di ka tatayo sa upuan mo..buti na lang napalitan ung chair nyo kuya..