The Day is Tiring...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today was a little hectic, not because I just received news that University of the Philippines Maroons just beat the unbeatable Ateneo Blue Eagles... but because I had to do a lot of editing from this week's shoot. We went back to Intramuros and climbed its walls so we can shoot at a part sky part cityscape type of surroundings. I was very eager to shoot on plants because those are the ones you can easily pop out in a photograph. It was a nice day out with the D60KREW again and I learned a lot of things. Well not there exactly, but I had a small talk with Sir Andy Rodriguez.

I got a few tips to maximize the camera I have and learned that I have not been doing some things that I didn't know it could possibly do. What is it you ask? well, lets just say I haven't chosen some of the options on the post processing part for the camera. One that I should have chosen to do in the last 4 months of its existence! hahah... well we just figured it out how to have crisp pictures than normal ones so you will eventually be looking at better pictures from hereon heheh.

Actually this was a picture that was part of that shoot and I already used it on one of my posts. You'll see a better resolution when you click it so ENJOY!


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