Fantasy Football Like No Other!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whoa! I am so excited about this fantastic event for Fantasy Football Players around the world. Mark your calendars on August 27th - 30th because people are all going gaga over the upcoming Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft . I would like to see my favorite experts on the first two days so I would be able to get the hottest tips and reviews on this great game my dad and I spend a lot of time on. It would be great to improve the player statistics and start learning more from the game masters themselves. We can also start to draft teams in this league in true blue Las Vegas style. Your jaws will just drop; mouth will water and drool while thinking of what an awesome weekend this will be!

I would probably want to stay in the world famous MGM Grand since the buffet is the best there, but the tailgate party will be held in The Mirage on the 28th. Oh sometimes we really just cannot choose huh?! The Mirage can convince people like me though as they will have big pool parties on the 30th and have Poolside Playmates as the main attraction. I mean, who can resist that and Rap Superstar FLO RIDA?! Airfare and hotel accommodations are also packaged specifically for this event so if you and your friends are planning to visit Las Vegas, this is the best time to do it.



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